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    Chicken Kebabs – Romanian style

    As you can imagine as the whole family got together in the last couple of weeks we had lots of BBQ’s! I am sure i told you before that i love having BBQ’s as i get to relax in the garden while the boys are taking care of the meat and the ladies are chilling and chatting. One of my favourite BBQ dishes is Chicken Kebabs – simple and tasty. Ingredients: 600 g chicken breast 2 white onions 2 small zucchini 2 green peppers 8-10 mushrooms 150 ml of milk dehydrated garlic paprika salt pepper warm water 8-9 sticks Put sticks to soak in cold water for 30 minutes. This…

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    Chicken with tomato sauce and garlic

    My daughter loves ketchup and everything that resembles it. So to try and give my daughter a better meal I am trying to replicate it in as many ways as possible. This is how I came up with this recipe below. The chicken can be served with mash potato, rice or even oven potatoes. Anything your child wants its good. Ingredients: Chicken legs Peeled garlic Passata Olive oil Red wine Pepper Salt Herbs As you can see I didn’t give you any quantities as you just need to cook as many chicken legs as you need. For the 3 of us 3 were enough. So while the oven is getting…

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    Italian chicken with nature potatoes

    A couple of weeks ago i went out to Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Westfield with some of my fellow bloggers. While there I ate some chicken with olives and tomatoes and it was superb. Last week I was really keen to try and replicate the dish just by using my “head” and hint the actual ingredients. I could’ve just look for the recipe but I settled myself a challenge and opted not too. I have to say I was scared but in a way trusted my “cooking skills”and went for it! You can read below what I came out with!   First I did call the recipe “Italian” but really…

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    Roast chicken dinner

    Today I would like to share with you a recipe that I cooked for my family at the end of last week. It is inspired by one of the recipes that can be find on the Morrisons website under the M Savers recipes. So on Saturday we went shopping to Morissons and bought everything that we need it for this week. I was very please when the total came to only £37.13. It usually goes up to over 60-70£. I think the big difference is the fact that we bought quite a lot of products from the M savers range. One of the products is this chicken below for which…

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    Tasty and healthy dinner

    Now that I am on the Dukan diet (well I am on it since 2 weeks ago) I am trying to cook something healthy and appealing for the whole family. I am happy to say that the three of us enjoyed the salad with grilled chicken and beef:

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    Chicken roast and rice a la slow cooker

    We all like roasted chicken don’t we? Yes I love it too! But when you are trying to lose weight and be healthy a roasted chicken in the oven might not be helpful. So in my way to try and cook healthy and quickly prepare without having to be at home is always to turn to my slow cooker. It is true even if I bought it about 5 years ago I didn’t really cooked enough using the slow cooker. So when hubby comeback home from Sainsbury with a chicken I thought I should use my slow cooker to roast it. Preparing it didn’t take very long. All I had…

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    Potato and chicken Stew-Tocanita de cartofi si pui

            Now that i am back from holiday i have my head full of my mum’s cooking(and belly). I think i put on around 3 kg while i was in Romania. Anyway i wanted to share with you one of my childhood favourite foods. My mum says that this dish was one of the only ones i used to eat! She use to sing me “Tocanita de cartofi toocanita de cartofi” just to make me eat it. So funny when i remember. The recipe is very simple and fast to do. You will need the below ingredients: 5 chicken breast halves, boneless / skinless(you can use chicken tights as…