• How Can We Set a Good Example to Our Children?
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    How Can We Set a Good Example to Our Children?

    When you bring a child into the world, there’s a lot of pressure to do things right. We all want our children to grow up happy, healthy and productive members of society, and the way we raise them when they’re little has a huge impact on what their thoughts and views, personality and goals are likely to be later on. None of us are working to a rule book, and when it comes to parenting we’re all just winging it and doing the best we can. This isn’t to say any of us need to be perfect because perfection doesn’t exist, however, there are a few things within our control…

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    Why I chose to be a work at home mum

    Before I had kids I always imagined myself as a career woman. Over the years I moved from one job to another depending on where I lived. I worked as Human Resources Specialist, Warehouse Manager and in my last field as a full time job in Supply Chain Management. When my youngest was born and we moved closer to my parents I knew that none of the jobs mentioned above was possible. Thankfully, I already started to have a little bit of income through this blog which help greatly for a mum of two young children with her husband working away. However, at the moment advertising and sponsored posts through my…

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    How Education Quizzes can help my bilingual girls

    You all know that I am trying as much to raise my girls bilingual although we now live far from mother England and their dad only comes for a couple of weeks every two months. It is hard especially when I have to make sure they know Romanian well enough to help them in school and nursery. My eldest is Year 1 now and although this is her third year in this country she only started now to think in Romanian. Until about a year ago she was thinking in English, translating in Romanian and only after answer or speak. It must’ve been exhausted for her poor thing. Now she easily…

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    Stay Still

    As my girls continue to grow and flourish the days seem to get busier and busier and also shorter and shorter. Both girls learn new things every day at school and at nursery so our conversations and the questions they ask change. From simple questions like “Mummy why some people are smaller and others taller?” to more deep questions like “Did God really make the whole planet in only six days? I mean…how can one person do so much in such a short time?”. Their questions, especially the questions my 6 years old is asking become harder and harder to answer and sometimes I wish their father was living with…

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    Living Arrows #10

    So…another week gone by and time is flying by. It was a hard week. Not for the girls but for me…A week full of mixed emotions and feelings and the love for my daughters and the one that they give me kept me afloat. What will I do without them I don’t know…some days I think I will just not be anymore. But how can you not be afloat when you have these two smiling at you every single day?   They are my reasons to live and go on every day – they are my living arrows. They are my strength.    

  • #Parenthood a timeline

    Parenthood – a historic timeline

    Being a parent is one of the hardest and most beautiful jobs in the whole world.  Plus very rewarding let’s not forget. Seeing your child smile and thrive is what we all work for let’s face it. However, ever since you tell people about your good news “We are going to have a baby!” the questions start pouring! “Did you decide what you going to do? Are you going to try and give birth naturally or just book for a caesarean?” “Home birth, water birth or hospital?” “Are you going to breastfeed or bottle-feed?” “What type of nappies you want to use disposable or not?” You don’t even have time…

  • Routine always works
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    Routine always works

    I believe strongly that making sure you are establishing a good routine for your kids at a very early age it will help you and them greatly. I am not one of the most organised people when it comes to other things but regarding my kids and their nap times and bedtime I am. I had Kara on a routine from the beginning and when Anastasia was born I knew that I will need to do the same. Of course in the first couple of days and weeks you can’t expect a new born to just follow it. But then later after 6-8 it will be different. Babies and kids…