• 7 Tips for Surviving Your First Christmas with a Newborn
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    7 Tips for Surviving Your First Christmas with a Newborn

    Babies are wonderful especially when they come during Christmas. With one in your arms now, you’ve not only gotten an early Christmas present, but also the best. And while it will be amazing to cuddle the little pumpkin on his first ever Noelly celebration, it is also that type of day where things can get nuts especially for a new momma and her needy new baby.  Without any assistance or a twist in the normal agenda of baking, cooking, decorating the home and endlessly receiving visitors who have come to celebrate Christmas with the newest member of the family, the stress can come down really hard on you. But that…

  • Be Inspired By Scandinavian Style This Christmas

    Be Inspired By Scandinavian Style This Christmas

    When we think of classic Christmas scenes, our minds are immediately drawn to snow, pine trees and reindeer. So it comes as no surprise that Scandinavian styles are inspiring us a lot this year when it comes to decorate our home. It’s the kind of place which doesn’t even have try hard to feel like Christmas. As a result, the Scandinavian style is simple and natural. So a few small touches here and there can have your home feeling more festive in minutes. Have a read to get yourself feeling inspired for some decoration ideas. Pine Tree Of course, most homes have a Christmas tree in them. However, have you…

  • Egg Carton Christmas Tree
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    Make Egg Carton Christmas Trees

      At the beginning of the month I was showing you our egg carton caterpillars and I said that we also made some Christmas trees. Well is not yet december but thought that is time to show you our craft.   Supplies: egg carton green and red paint pipe cleaners brushes scissors Instructions: If you plan to let your kids cut the cartoons and they are quite young like mine (under 7) are then you should cut the little “cups” yourself. You can of course let them do the rest alone. Using the end of your scissors make little holes on the top of each “cup”; Let your kids go wild…

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    Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

    Christmas is two months away but I am the kind of parent that likes to be prepared so I already started to look for presents for my girls and for close friends. My husband thinks I exaggerate but I just don’t like buying overpriced toys and gifts. Instead I buy toys, face creams, jewellery and whatever else I need when they are severely reduced in the sales period or from websites like The Works that always have reduced prices. Believe me it is better for your pocket to do so and it saves a lot of time and rushing around in December. Plus my eldest list for Christmas is just…

  • Christmas Cards
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    Christmas Tree Cards

      If you were watching my instagram or Facebook timeline last night you saw that my eldest and I were making these fab Christmas tree cards. So simple to make but they look so good. Materials: – A4 colored cardboard/paper (thicker); – glittery foam with glue on the back; – cookie christmas tree shape; – scissors; – pencil; Fold and cut the A4 sheets in two and then fold the cut pieces of card board again in two just like a card. Using the pencil trace the shape of the christmas cookie on the back of the glittery foam. The glittery foam is supposed to have a paper on the…

  • Crepe Paper Christmas Trees
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    Making Crepe Paper Christmas Trees

    This years Christmas crafts seem to have a theme: crepe paper! So while making the Christmas wreath i thought that a good idea was to make Christmas trees as well. My eldest liked them and she even had a go on producing a small version one.   Materials: white thick drawing paper; gold&silver crepe paper; transparent glue; double stick tape; shiny gold yellow string; scissors; Method: Make the cone out of the thick drawing paper. Stick the side with double side sticky paper. Cut any extra paper so that your cone can sit on the table. If you are happy with the shape start cutting long streams of gold and silver (…

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    Tesco Finest Chocolate for a sweet Christmas

    Christmas is only 6 weeks away.  So you have to start preparing for it don’t you think? Our stores and supermarkets are already filled with everything that is needed for Christmas – decorations for the tree and the house, house gifts made special for Christmas and so much more. Talking about Christmas and present i am starting to get really excited. I am looking forward to see the excitement on the girls little faces when they are going to receive the presents from Santa. I am also looking forward to spend time with the family – just the four of us and to see what present my hubby has for…