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    Dr.Adam Urato New study – Avoid Antidepressants During Pregnancy

    Yesterday evening I was invited by Huffington Post to take part in a live interview via Google + hangouts with DR. Adam Urato and two other mums that suffered of depression during pregnancy and took antidepressants – Becky Harks and Rhiana Maidenbergand. If you watch it please be gentle as it is basically my first time ever and I did bubble a lot. However, i am proud that I did take part and told my story. So what is this new study is actually saying about the SSRI antidepressants and pregnancy? Apparently their is a connection between taking the antidepressants and pregnancy complications and birth defects. So what do we…

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    2011 was….

    The below is just a highlight of the things that happen to me in 2011. There is nothing major I guess but just things that are important to me and changed me as a person. 2011 was the year when: – I turn 31 which in my eyes makes me a mature person-that’s it now there is no was back; – I stopped using Citalopram and started to take the life events straight on; – my daughter turn 2 years old; – last August we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary; – last December we celebrated 7 years since my hubby and I met; – Finished decorating our bathroom in the…

  • My thoughts and sorrows

    About me and new hope

       I am not even sure what to say… I feel emotional , enthusiast and i am scared at the same time…. If you read my blog previously you will know that i suffer of depression. I am not even sure if it is postnatal depression (because i had a traumatic kind of birth – after 44 hours of labour i was taken for an emergency c-section because baby was in distress and i was very tired didn’t sleep at all during my labour), postraumatic depression (same as before plus a traumatic episode in my adolescence) or just a clinic depression?!?! To tell you the truth i am not even…