• Autumn Tree Cereal Craft
    Monday Parenting Pin it Party

    Parenting Pin-It Party #119

    We are slowly approaching cooler days and although it makes me feel sad that the summer is almost finished I am looking forward to the autumn days. I was born in the autumn and it’s my favourite seasons of all. For me is when the start of new beginnings – a new school year, a year older for me and my husband. This week I am hosting the #pinitparty and have to say I am looking forward to see all your crafts and autumny posts. It was Helen’s turn to host but she is still on holiday. “Waves! Have fun lovely!” Out of last weeks entries I decided that my favourite…

  • Name Wall Decoration
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    Simple name wall decoration

    Ever since my eldest started to write her own name everywhere she also started to wish to have her name written in some way on her bedroom wall. So when I visited the local stationary shop and found this fab glittery cartoon with glue on the back I immediacy thought about my daughter wish. But how exactly should I do it? As you know I am not very good at crafting things so had to ask for my mum’s help. First I thought that we should cut out the letters out of simple cartoon and the cover them with the glittery one. But then we realised that we could just…

  • Handmade Book Sign
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    Craft with Washi Tape: Pencils and Book Signs

    I had some wash tape sitting in my crafty box for a while now and as my eldest started school this month I wanted to both do something with it. And we did. So as I love Pinterest and there is a lot of inspiration there we chose to decorate some plain pencils I bought for school and some book signs.   Materials for pencils: plain pencils coloured washy tape – your preferred designs pom poms scissors glue gun Simply stick the washy tape at the end of the pencils. Here Kara chose and stick them all by herself. I used a glue gun to stick the pom pons.  …

  • Home

    How to decorate your home this Easter

    There are only a few days left until Easter but you still have time to decorate your home in bright colours if you already didn’t do so. You can procure some of the items from shops but you can also make your own – coloured baskets, paper bowls, decorated eggs or candle eggs you can achieve them all. Make your own coloured basket  Just colour with your favourite colour, in our case red, the bread basket you might have lying around your house. Fill it in with some green shredded paper and it’s just ready for your eggs! Yellow is always good  Continuing my obsession with yellow this spring I bought a…

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    10 Cute Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

    It is that time of the year when Love is floating in the air and everybody prepares for Valentine’s Day! From the youngest to the eldest everybody knows what is Valentine’s Day and what happens then. We all want and try to show the people we fancy and love how much we care about them by buying them a Valentine’s Day card or a simple bouquet of flowers. But as the recession is still going a better way to go around Valentine’s Day is to make your own gifts.   If you know where to buy crafting kits then the whole thing can be quite cheap. So if your little…