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    Crafting with the kids: Valentine’s Day Cards

    Now that Christmas is out of the way we need to start concentrating on the next holiday season: Valentine’s Day. My 4 year old although quite little she knows everything about it all. Last year she even received a proper Valentine’s Day card  from one nursery friends. His name was Rio and Kara apparently loved playing the mummy and daddy game – which I am also hoping that was not more than that! Anyway….out of the blue the other day she asked me when is Valentine’s Day. She probably heard something on TV I am thinking. And then she said she wants to do crafting and some cards for her…

  • Tree Paper Garland
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    Homemade Christmas: Tree Paper Garland

    Because of my eldest daughter Kara loves crafting we made one more craft last week – the Christmas tree garland.   Materials: Wark blue paper card – the harder and thicker the better; White paper card; Silver glue; Scissors; Christmas tree cookie cutter; 1 pencil; A long piece of string – 1m – 1 1/2m depending how long you want to make it. Double sticky tape. Steps to follow:   Place the cookie cutter on the blue paper and draw around it with the pencil so that when you take the cookie of the paper you have a tree drawing. Repeat the process until you have a paper full of…

  • Crepe Paper Christmas Trees
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    Making Crepe Paper Christmas Trees

    This years Christmas crafts seem to have a theme: crepe paper! So while making the Christmas wreath i thought that a good idea was to make Christmas trees as well. My eldest liked them and she even had a go on producing a small version one.   Materials: white thick drawing paper; gold&silver crepe paper; transparent glue; double stick tape; shiny gold yellow string; scissors; Method: Make the cone out of the thick drawing paper. Stick the side with double side sticky paper. Cut any extra paper so that your cone can sit on the table. If you are happy with the shape start cutting long streams of gold and silver (…

  • Christmas Paper Wreath
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    Crepe Paper Christmas Wreath

    I am starting to love crafting more and more. And oh how much i used to hate it when i was a child. My mum or dad would make most my school crafting projects…how silly i was. Crafting makes me feel relaxed and if i am relaxed i am feeling better. And if i feel better it means that i am acting better with my kids and the rest of the people that surround me.So while I was out and about with Baby A i picked up some crepe paper – gold and silver. I think both colours are quite nice for the winter and Christmas season. It is only…

  • Painted Pine Cones #craft
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    Painted Pine Cones

    You know already that i am not the biggest crafter in the world. I never been but i am trying. So since i’ve been stuck with a leg in a cast for the last 45 days i’ve been doing quite a lot of it with my 4 year old. Most of them were just for the sake of it as Kara just enjoys the play and the time spent together. One of the crafts she really enjoyes this last month and half was the painting the pine cones. Every time she went out with her grandparents she picks many as she can. Here is how they looked like:   It…

  • Easter Basket

    Crafting: Easter Basket

    I promised myself and to my 4 year old daughter that I will try and be more “crafty”. We both went last week to Wilkinson and bought lots of bits to help us with crafting. We have fun although its a bit hard to keep Kara concentrated on one project. She wants to move very fast from one project to another. We are both still getting she to do things together though and I’m sure bit by bit we will get better at crafting and at working together. So last week we crafted our first ever “Easter basket”. It’s not perfect by far but we (K and I) crafted it…

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    DIY Stamps

    Every time it rains and my eldest daughter is off nursery she wants to do crafting. As I’m not very good at this sort of thing I searched for ideas on Maggy’s blog Red Ted Art. As Kara loves stamps and painting I thought that these super quick DIY stamps were a good idea. Pretty simple for me to do although the drying up with normal glue takes a while. I think next time I will definitely try superglue. They don’t look as good as Maggy’s but I think it’s good for my first ever craft. What do you need: – bottle tops – I used normal ones from like…