• Easy Origami Envelopes

    Easy Origami Envelopes

    Happy 1st of March everyone! Can you believe it’s already spring? The first two months of the year past way too fast and I didn’t even feel like it was really winter. I mean it only snowed a couple of times and that was all! Otherwise it was quite a mild winter with days that went up to 21 degrees here. Now although it’s 1st of March and the first day of spring is very cold and it’s raining! Pretty miserable start of spring…But in Romania we still celebrate “Martisor” today though so in preparation to this day my girls and I done a lot of crafting and this is how…

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    Crafting with the kids: Valentine’s Day Cards

    Now that Christmas is out of the way we need to start concentrating on the next holiday season: Valentine’s Day. My 4 year old although quite little she knows everything about it all. Last year she even received a proper Valentine’s Day card  from one nursery friends. His name was Rio and Kara apparently loved playing the mummy and daddy game – which I am also hoping that was not more than that! Anyway….out of the blue the other day she asked me when is Valentine’s Day. She probably heard something on TV I am thinking. And then she said she wants to do crafting and some cards for her…

  • Tree Paper Garland
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    Homemade Christmas: Tree Paper Garland

    Because of my eldest daughter Kara loves crafting we made one more craft last week – the Christmas tree garland.   Materials: Wark blue paper card – the harder and thicker the better; White paper card; Silver glue; Scissors; Christmas tree cookie cutter; 1 pencil; A long piece of string – 1m – 1 1/2m depending how long you want to make it. Double sticky tape. Steps to follow:   Place the cookie cutter on the blue paper and draw around it with the pencil so that when you take the cookie of the paper you have a tree drawing. Repeat the process until you have a paper full of…