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    Crepe Paper Christmas Wreath

    I am starting to love crafting more and more. And oh how much i used to hate it when i was a child. My mum or dad would make most my school crafting projects…how silly i was. Crafting makes me feel relaxed and if i am relaxed i am feeling better. And if i feel better it means that i am acting better with my kids and the rest of the people that surround me.So while I was out and about with Baby A i picked up some crepe paper – gold and silver. I think both colours are quite nice for the winter and Christmas season. It is only…

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    Pumpkin casserole recipe and preparing for Halloween

     My husband is the one that is the specialist when it comes to Halloween but as he is not here with us i need to be the one that needs to take care of everything and try and make the celebration special for my daughters. Kara is really looking forward to tomorrow especially because i said that we will have a party! She doesn’t even care that it will only be for the three of us. So while Kara was at nursery today i try to make a pumpkin stew which wasn’t really on Kara’s taste as she thought it was too sweet but Anastasia devoured her portion. The recipe…

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    What is your Christmas tradition???

    This weekend at the Tots 100 Christmas party I start thinking that I should write this post. What is your Christmas tradition? What is the Christmas tradition that you HAVE to repeat every year because this is what you learned from your parents or just makes it CHRISTMAS for you? It might be more than one tradition ad you will see below that there are quite a few traditions I keep in my heart. Romanian Christmas is very different from the English Christmas. The biggest difference must be the fact that Romanians are orthodox and for us the whole meaning of Christmas is very religious. We care about the core…