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    Siblings in July

      Another month has past and here we are in July in the middle of the summer. I can’t believe June is gone and we never managed to go to the seaside yet! The weather’s been quite terrible with lots of raining so this is the main reason. However this past week it’s been really hot so although we spent lots of time at home I tried to make it fun for the girls. So the little plastic pool came out and filled in with lots of warm water…the girls had fun splashing and mummy took a lot of funny and silly pictures. Anastasia(the toddler) hates to have a bath but…

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    Baby A is “walking”(video time)

    Ok. She’s not really walking properly but she walks around the furniture, she’s walking when she is pushing her walker or her wood chair…so i guess this is walking or is just called cruising? I am not sure but wanted to mark the change in my daughter’s development with a video. I am still learning the art of the videos and i am only using my Iphone camera so it is not very good…Hopefully for Christmas i will get a camera…wink wink to hubby?

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    Baby Anastasia – 10 months old

    Anastasia is 10 months old today and one thing is clear – she is almost not a baby anymore. Her personality started to bloom and i now know for sure that like her sister she will become a lovely little child stubborn but beautiful. She still has blue eyes and i hope that they will remain blue. Her sisters are greener like her daddy’s and although they are still beautiful it will be great if at least Anastasia will keep the blue. Every day my two girls are playing nicer and nicer together. It’s so nice to see. It is one of the things my sister and i never had…

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    Loving you….

    The day you were born i felt that my life was complete You, your sister and your daddy mean everything to me Without the three of you I will be nothing. The moment they pass you into my arms a tear fell down my cheek It was a happiness tear. The first couple of weeks after you were born were difficult for both of us but bit by bit those moments passed and we adapted. Now I just can’t imagine my life without you, your gurgles, your smiles and simple the way you look into my eyes. You are such a good baby. A smiler. Everybody says it. Of course…

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    Baby Anastasia – one month old

    Today is the 2nd of January which means that my little Baby Anastasia is already one month old! Incredible how fast the time has past! It was a very eventful month fortunately and unfortunately. Somehow we managed to pull through and we are both ok. Hopefully this is it and God will keep us safe from now on. We need to start enjoying life as a family of 4. I’m sure there will still be lots of challenges ahead but as long as we are all healthy then we will be ok. I’m looking forward for the rest of my life. Now my family is complete. I love both my…