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    Wipe your mouth, in style!!

    All together now!”When you go, won’t you send back a letter from America…nada?!?!” Okay, so it didn’t come from America but this week I did get a package from Canada. The land of the Maple leaf, Canadia land. The birth place of documentarian Michael Moore, The home of Captain Kirk himself the legend that is William Shatner, the country that gave us Celine Dion?!?! Ok, forget that one, Canada we forgive you, everyone has a cross to bare. Anyway, less of this whaffling, what am I saying here? If only I knew. Oh yes, the package from Canada, the birth place of…Oh, Ive done that bit already… Moving on. Inside this…

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    Roast chicken dinner

    Today I would like to share with you a recipe that I cooked for my family at the end of last week. It is inspired by one of the recipes that can be find on the Morrisons website under the M Savers recipes. So on Saturday we went shopping to Morissons and bought everything that we need it for this week. I was very please when the total came to only £37.13. It usually goes up to over 60-70£. I think the big difference is the fact that we bought quite a lot of products from the M savers range. One of the products is this chicken below for which…

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    Poop,rude people and family time!!!

    I had quite a weird day. Woke up in quite a good mood but it change as soon as i stepped out outside. My belly started hurting because of the cold weather and i almost turn around and go back home and call in sick but..i am a conscious employee and despite the fact that i wasn’t feeling extraordinary i continued my journey to work… And then… Well nothing that was suppose to happen at work today did. The shipment i was expecting in the morning arrived in the afternoon at our warehouse so unfortunately i was unable to meet my deadline and so on…one of my colleagues despite the…

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    Words of Wisdom – 13/1

    Phew! Today was even more challenging then yesterday! I actually had a moment when I exploded today because someone was just stepping on my nerves! But…then I went out after work with my Romanian friend and colleague Cristina! We had a couple of drinks,we chat and then had a meal! How nice after being bothered by those ugly and annoying person! Anyway is now almost 10 PM and my words of wisdom for today are: When someone get in your space and annoys you with their being just say…STOP! Don’t let yourself influenced by negativity! Is NOT GOOD FOR YOU! Author: me I guess