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    How to Transform Your Converted Attic into Your Ideal Bedroom

    Have you been updating your attic lately? Are you still trying to decide what to do with the new-look space?  Whether you’ve always had your heart set on transforming your attic conversion into a bedroom or you’re trying to add value, there are plenty of ways to switch the roof space into a beautiful bedroom.  Here are some inspired home décor ideas to help you transform your attic into a room you’ll love.  Clever Storage  Whether you have a compact attic space or a room in which you can spread out, it’s worth spending time creating clever storage solutions. Adding a built-in wardrobe and units can help you to maximise and…

  • 8 easy DIY tasks all mums should know
    DIY,  General

    8 easy DIY tasks all mums should know

    Although my parents live next door, sometimes as single married mum I need to fix things around the home on my own. I must confess I don’t enjoy it at all but what can you do if a screw from a cupboard comes loose? Call the handyman? Or wait a month until your hubby comes back? So sometimes regardless of my hate to fixing things around the home I need to do it. Even the girls giggle when they see me do it as they know that I much prefer to bake a cake rather than do DIY. So if you are a single married mum like me , or…

  • Cute Pom Pom Christmas Tree Cards
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    Pom Pom Christmas Tree Cards

    My girls love crafting and unfortunately I don’t do it enough with them. It is hard to keep occupied a 4 year old and a 7 year old with the same craft. But they love pom poms and these ones are really cute! And this is how the idea of these cute Christmas tree cards came up. We had to make some new cards to send to our relatives all around the country and the world. I found these mini pom noms in one of our local shops last summer but even since than I knew that I will use them for some kind of Christmas craft. Supplies To Make…

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    We made a bird house

    Well..not me exactly…the girls and their daddy. I just snapped some pictures really. It was a while ago so they are all really well dress as you can observe from the pics. Daddy built the house out of thin wood – not sure how that exact type of wood is called and they all painted it together. They used some of the acrylic paint that mummy makes sure she always has around the house. They wanted to make sure that they will rise colours that little birdies will approve with so they chose light green for the bottom of the house and light blue for the top and the edges…

  • Easy Origami Envelopes

    Easy Origami Envelopes

    Happy 1st of March everyone! Can you believe it’s already spring? The first two months of the year past way too fast and I didn’t even feel like it was really winter. I mean it only snowed a couple of times and that was all! Otherwise it was quite a mild winter with days that went up to 21 degrees here. Now although it’s 1st of March and the first day of spring is very cold and it’s raining! Pretty miserable start of spring…But in Romania we still celebrate “Martisor” today though so in preparation to this day my girls and I done a lot of crafting and this is how…

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    DIY Stamps

    Every time it rains and my eldest daughter is off nursery she wants to do crafting. As I’m not very good at this sort of thing I searched for ideas on Maggy’s blog Red Ted Art. As Kara loves stamps and painting I thought that these super quick DIY stamps were a good idea. Pretty simple for me to do although the drying up with normal glue takes a while. I think next time I will definitely try superglue. They don’t look as good as Maggy’s but I think it’s good for my first ever craft. What do you need: – bottle tops – I used normal ones from like…