• Baby A’s birth

    We are at home finally! Baby A and mummy are finally at home. The last couple of weeks been hard and full of unexpected. Baby A was delivered on the 2.12.12 at 13.28 following a Caesarean section operation. If you read my previous posts a couple of weeks ago you know why I end up having to have an operation. Yes unfortunately I was stuck again in early labour and no matter how much Baby A or I tried to hurry the labour it just didn’t happen. I was only 2 cm dilated 36 hours after my water break. The whole experience in the theatre having the operation was way…

  • Pregnant memories

    Saturday is caption day! Today i would like to share with you a picture with me pregnant! I was so big! Three years ago exactly on this day i was in hospital strapped to a bed as i was in labour. Here is a picture of me – 17.03.2009: (please excuse the hairy belly) Now i know that this picture is probably not very funny but…if you have a funny caption would love to read one! My memories on this days are not so funny as i was in bad pain!