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    How Education Quizzes can help my bilingual girls

    You all know that I am trying as much to raise my girls bilingual although we now live far from mother England and their dad only comes for a couple of weeks every two months. It is hard especially when I have to make sure they know Romanian well enough to help them in school and nursery. My eldest is Year 1 now and although this is her third year in this country she only started now to think in Romanian. Until about a year ago she was thinking in English, translating in Romanian and only after answer or speak. It must’ve been exhausted for her poor thing. Now she easily…

  • How not to be the perfect parent
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    How not to be the perfect parent

    When hubby and I decided to have kids we didn’t actually wondered if we will be good at it or not. Ok that’s a lie. Hubby always said that I will make a great mother. But I always disagree. Nobody can be good always. Everybody makes mistakes in life and we make lots with our kids.Our grandparents made mistakes with our parents. And our parents (although they might try to deny it) made mistakes with us.So for sure we are prone to make mistakes with our kids even though they will be different mistakes and not the ones that our parents made with us.But do we need to be perfect…

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    The “no discipline” technique aftermath

    At the beginning of July I was telling you about the “non discipline parenting” as told by Naomi Aldort. Back then my daughter was going through lots of tantrums! One every day was lucky. We usually had a couple every day first one definitely to happen because she had to go to nursery. Back then we had all these rules that we were following religiously like the “time out” and the “reward chart” and so on. As we were desperate we said that we will try everything. So I start watching more of Naomi’s you tube videos and we tried to apply as much of the SALVE as possible. You can…

  • Family Stories

    Hope for my kids

    I guess every parent out there thinks that their kids are the best. And why not? It’s better than the alternative… My parents never show me how happy they were with me while I was growing up. They always wanted more from me. They always told me that I need it to do better to be happier. I don’t ever remember them saying “Well done my child”. The memories make feel sad. I know how wrong they were…and that’s why even before I had kids I decided that I will not be like them. I decided that I will devote my kids my all and that I will do everything…

  • Guest Posts

    Life in UK by Lisa Gusto

    Today is the first day of the guest posts about Life in UK. I am very excited about sharing with you all the posts that I received from fellow mummy bloggers. The wonderful Lisa Gusto agreed to write the first post about her Life experience in UK. She moved here from Sweden and blogs about life,cooking and she gives some really great tips about beauty. Check out her blog and her Twitter page. I moved to London from Stockholm (Sweden) 18 years ago and I’m still as in love with the greatest city on the planet as when I first came here in the early 90’s. For me London is…

  • My thoughts and sorrows

    The nursery and their freaking rules!!!

    I’m pissed with my nursery again! The nursery where I take my daughter since she was 9 months old I mean! Why are their rules so freaking stupid? I will tell you why I’m saying this. The nursery starts at 8am and finishes at 6pm. I pay the nursery for my daughter from 8 to 6 too! However I am not able to drop my daughter before 8.00. Well let me explain…the door is locked until 8. I can only go in from 8 and it’s a nightmare then because their like a queue of people and children waiting at the door to drop their kids. So I actually leave…