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    The Doctor Who Experience

    Over the last year our eldest has become a big fan of Doctor Who. So on their recent trip back to the UK I thought it would be fun to visit the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. (The spiritual home of the Current, revived series) She had no idea where we were taking her but as soon as she spotted the familiar shape of the Tardis in the distance she became very excited indeed. Once inside she was thrilled to see actual Daleks and other props from the new adventures. As was our youngest even though she had no idea who Doctor Who was. The tour is every 30 minutes…

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    Life in UK by Lisa Gusto

    Today is the first day of the guest posts about Life in UK. I am very excited about sharing with you all the posts that I received from fellow mummy bloggers. The wonderful Lisa Gusto agreed to write the first post about her Life experience in UK. She moved here from Sweden and blogs about life,cooking and she gives some really great tips about beauty. Check out her blog and her Twitter page. I moved to London from Stockholm (Sweden) 18 years ago and I’m still as in love with the greatest city on the planet as when I first came here in the early 90’s. For me London is…