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    Blogging: Where to Start & Ways to Promote Your Content

    I started blogging a bit over four years ago and since then I learned quite a lot of things about what it means to be a blogger. When I started I didn’t consider all the things that included life as a blogger – the things I know now for example. I started blogging because I wanted to have somewhere to vent, speak about my feelings, a place of my own. I never ever considered that someone will actually read , like and follow this blog. I never considered/ I don’t consider myself a successful blogger (at least not as successful as other fantastic bloggers out there that really have a…

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    Facebook newsfeed update

    I don’t normally write posts like this but I’ve been reading a lot of social media articles recently and felt that I want to tell you my opinion too. Over the past 5 years I’ve been falling in and off in my affair with Facebook. As most of my real life friends are also on Facebook I felt that sometimes I had to spill my thoughts to the world without being criticised. This is why I use to love twitter so much..the conversations I used to have on Twitter for hours and hours. But then I discovered that I could do the same thing in Facebook Groups if they are…

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    Forgiving brings happiness. I think this is what my friend Suzie wanted to say when say the following words of Facebook: I think it’s something we need to practice on a daily basis…just letting the little things go will help with the big things. I started by forgiving people who would knock into me/rush past me on the way to work. It’s amazing the difference you feel when you just say to yourself ‘it’s ok’ rather than getting annoyed. This really helped me with the bigger things xxxx She is a good friend that I met in real life. Her words hunt me at the moment…LOL. But I am trying…