Family Stories,  Photography

    Siblings – February

    The weather was not very good the last couple of weeks so the nursery was closed and Kara got to spent more time at home, play in the snow and with her sister. And I took a lot of pictures! I think that I am actually getting better at this. And so I gave them the box of Duplo…. Kara kept trying to build them up and Anastasia was pulling her buildings apart…. As you can imagine Kara was not overjoyed to have her little sister doing that but they were really cute playing with each other…parallel playing or not. Anastasia is 14 months already and funnier by the day. She smiles…

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    Snow, play and a cat

     After snow making an appearance all around the country it finally snow in my home town too. Kara was thrilled and as soon as she finish saying “Good morning mummy” she asked “When can I go out and play in the snow mummy?” “After you get dress, wash and have some breakfast.” “Yey”, came her response. I have to say that she’s not been as happy in the morning in a long time… And then we got dress and went out. The blue sledge came as well. …we made snowballs… …and played with friends… …perfect angels… …someone got some really red cheeks… …another good friend joined in… …and a really…

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    Choosing who to marry

    The conversations my darling daughter Kara is starting are just mind blowing and funny altogether. I don’t mind however because she lets me into her world by saying such amazing and surprising things. As it happens I was watching one of those programs on TLC about weddings the other day while she was playing happily with her sister. Not long into the program she stopped and came next to me on the couch and she said: “Mummy I want to wear a wedding dress like that but…I don’t know what husband I am going to marry!”   “Excuse me sweetheart?” I wasn’t sure that I actually heard it right so…