11 Smart Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

    It’s just the start of November here and the temperature already dropped to 8-10C during the day and 2-4C during the night. The heating went on over a week ago as well as the floors were getting quite cold during the night already and as the girls spend a lot of time on the floor playing this was a must. I was hoping that the autumn winter will stay a little longer as I absolutely love autumn weather but I wasn’t that lucky this year…But hey let’s forget the autumn blues! We need to really prepare for winter! I mean my hubby is most of the time away and my…

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    Being at home is great!

    And so the holiday is now finished! Back to my home town and life of a “single” mother. From the moment we arrived at the airport everything seemed to get back to it’s place. My girls and my parents were so happy to see each other again and of course my eldest was the one that was the most talkative all the way from the airport to my hometown. Unfortunately I don’t take any pictures of them together to see their enthusiasm of getting together again. It was night and we were all very tired…My mum even share a tear when she saw all of us arrive through the airport…

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    How to decorate your home this Easter

    There are only a few days left until Easter but you still have time to decorate your home in bright colours if you already didn’t do so. You can procure some of the items from shops but you can also make your own – coloured baskets, paper bowls, decorated eggs or candle eggs you can achieve them all. Make your own coloured basket  Just colour with your favourite colour, in our case red, the bread basket you might have lying around your house. Fill it in with some green shredded paper and it’s just ready for your eggs! Yellow is always good  Continuing my obsession with yellow this spring I bought a…

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    A project for the future

    We were over the moon when my parents said that they will give us half of their house. They even put it on my name! Although it is in Romania we said that we will renovate it and make it perfect for us to live in if necessary. It took a while but you can already see that it looks a lot more modern than it use to. This summer I’m in Romania and I will try and make it even better. Ours I think is he best word for it. While we were in UK every house we lived in was rented so it never felt ours. We are…