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    You can be as happy as you want to be

    There are almost four years since we moved back home and little by little we are making our life here more comfortable. For now some might say that our house its still quite small for our needs but we are quite happy here. Quite a change in my attitude huh? Well, I realised that you can only be as happy as you want you want to be. Of course I still have my down periods, who doesn’t? Being a single married parent can be quite hard as I don’t have that continuous support from my husband. Trying to fit everything in one day – working from home, school runs, cleaning…

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    Sisters 1/2017

    I really missed looking back at my siblings/sisters posts at the end of last year. Half way through 2016 I simple stopped posting pictures with my girls and reviewing their month. So this year i promised myself i will start doing it again, continue to record their life as I started years ago after my eldest was born. Kara is now almost 8 – 7 years and 10 months to be more exact and Anastasia is 4 years and 1 month and believe it or not we are still live in my hometown. I can’t believe there are almost 4 years since we moved back home. I am happy to say that…

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    Our 2017 Winter Holiday

    Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s been a while since I wrote on this blog but we’ve been quite busy during the winter holidays. Between celebrations, my work as a freelancer in the world of digital marketing and our prolonged trip to the mountains there was no time to spare whatsoever. But i’ve missed a lot writing here and I had to comeback and share with you a little bit about our last month. We were really happy that daddy was able to stay almost 6 weeks with us but as expected that made saying goodbye a couple of says ago even harder for all of us but especially…

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    Lately…Bucharest, tears and injury

    Summer holidays are still in full swing here. Weather is really hot and we spend most of the time outside. Well…lately…not so much. A lot has happened in the last month and if you’ve been watching my social media you will definitely be up to with some of it anyway. Bucharest Trip A couple of weeks ago we visited my long time friend for 20 years and her family in Bucharest. She has two kids – boy and girl – and as her kids and our kids really like spending time together we thought it will be a good idea to have a weekend play date. Despite the fact that…

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    A holiday with my daughters

    These days (since we moved back home anyway) we go on holiday as a family when daddy has a holiday from work. But as he is not coming until august this summer I thought that will be nice to treat my girls with a getaway to the beach anyway. Before he comes home we usually go to the outdoor pool in town or for a day trip to the beach. We live only about half an hour drive from the beach but as I didn’t manage to pass my driving exam last year it is still quite difficult to get there without a car. Sometimes my dad is taking us…

  • Sisters{May}
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    Sisters {May}

    My dearest daughters, Watching you smile makes me realise how beautiful my life is. I love you both so much. How can I regret being here with you when the life you offer me is so full happiness? No matter where you go in life or who you grow up to be, I’ll always be right here, standing behind you… encouraging you both to live your dreams despite all. I know sometimes I get upset and like any other parent I scream at you…but please do understand…I am also growing and understanding. Nobody just knows how to be a parent. We all have to learn how to. And as you…

  • Sisters {March}
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    Sisters {march}

    There are truly no words to describe my love for my two girls. They are my world and the reason why I go on. Like any person suffering of depression my days are sometimes harder to get through but because of my two girls I continue to fight surviving it and go on.   I am considering myself very lucky that I can work from home and be here for my girls 24/7 – it’s what the joy of blogging brings to me. My girls are now 7 and 3 and the bond between them grows more and more. Although their characters are so different – my eldest is rather…