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    4 simple ways to keep your body healthy this year

    Who doesn’t want good health all year round? It doesn’t matter how old you are, how many times a week you hit the gym or how many kids you’re chasing around on a daily basis, looking after your health and prioritising your wellbeing is something everyone should be doing.  We know how important it is to keep moving and to eat a balanced diet , so, why do so many people find it difficult to put themselves first? Not enough time? Too much pressure? Or perhaps they’re not aware that what they’re doing is bad for their health. To give you a little guidance, I’ve gathered my top 4 ways…

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    Halloween Cake Pops

    Not long now ’till Halloween and my girls (especially the eldest) kept asking for desserts to celebrate the day so as I received some delicious Hadleigh Maid’s Baking Buttons I thought I used them in creating chocolate cake pops. But as I had two kids around they didn’t end up as good as they were supposed to. Anyway, they loved them so I will share my recipe with you too: Kara said she wants chocolate inside so I thought I should use the recipe for the brownies I always make for them. Have a look at the link before for the recipe. Instead of using cacao though I used melted milk chocolate buttons from Hadleigh…

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    Ilumi – Delicious food for pleasure and wellbeing

    It wont kill you that’s for sure!Ilumi – Delicious foods for pleasure and wellbeing. Yup folks, this week I have been trying out some new food from the Ilumi company. Ilumi make allergen-free food but their aim is to try and be a little bit more creative with it all. None of this flavorless stuff you find filling the small specialty section down at the local supermarket. This stuff has some real guts to it. On the menu this week there’s been Slow Cooked Beef Casserole, Aromatic Thai Red Curry with Yellow Basmati Rice and, tonight’s dish, Thom Kha Gai Soup. First off – The Slow Cooked Beef Casserole. My…

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    Easter pancakes

    No I haven’t gone mad ;-). I just had to think of something Easter like to cook instead of hot crossed buns this morning (our shopping arrives tonight only).   You know my recipe of easy dropped scones? All you have to do is add raisins and cook them! I didn’t have milk either and replace it with sparkling water which makes them even fluffier.

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    Jordans cereals – a review

    Before I moved to London almost 7 years ago I rarely had any cereals for breakfast. And when I did I just had the old boring cornflakes. In Romania we usually eat other things for breakfast. I guess in England is viewed as the continental type of breakfast. In England I discovered porridge and granola. I love a hot porridge during the winter but if it will be to choose I will always go for a granola. The super nutty granola from Jordans is just right on my street. I love the fact that it contains all my favourite nuts and that is crunchy.   The price for these cereals…

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    Pasta with chicken and broccoli

    These days is quite hard to include vegetables in my daughters diet. She suddenly became a bit fussy when it comes to eating. But she loves pasta so a couple of days ago I came up with this recipe:   Ingredients: – brown pasta boiled aldente- I used about 200 gr. of spiral one but you can use whichever pasta you like and enough for your family; – chicken breast cut in small pieces and cooked in a frying pan a I cooked until golden; -1 piece broccoli boiled and cut in small prices; – ham cut I small pieces as well; – cream cheese  – I used Sainsbury’s own…

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    Wholegrain Goodness Challenge

    I’m happy to let you all know that I’m taking part in the “Wholegrain Goodness Challenge” hosted by Mumsnet. Here is what the team at Wholegrain Goodness have to say about this challenge:”Most of us know it’s important to eat at least five portions of fruit and veg every day, but what many of us don’t know is that we should be eating more wholegrain to keep us healthy too. Nutritionists around the world encourage eating at least three servings of wholegrain a day. But despite the nutritional benefits, national surveys show that 95% of UK adults fail to reach three servings a day. In fact, on average, most of us…