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    A holiday with my daughters

    These days (since we moved back home anyway) we go on holiday as a family when daddy has a holiday from work. But as he is not coming until august this summer I thought that will be nice to treat my girls with a getaway to the beach anyway. Before he comes home we usually go to the outdoor pool in town or for a day trip to the beach. We live only about half an hour drive from the beach but as I didn’t manage to pass my driving exam last year it is still quite difficult to get there without a car. Sometimes my dad is taking us…

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    My living arrows

    Period, depression and moody kids is not a good combination I know. As I said earlier I am struggling at the moment but if it wasn’t for my kids I think I would’ve been even deeper down… My girls had to put up with my moodiness and my screams this week which I regret more than I could say in words. I guess as parents we all go through this kind of moments. The worse bit is the fact that I don’t have someone that can balance me around. I think that when hubby is around it’s a lot easier. The weather was very kind this week though so we…

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    Funny talk

    As we don’t know what we are expecting we decided to find names for both:boy and girl. We already have some but as it happens my cousin called him boy the name we like. My daughter was a witness at this discussion tonight: Mummy: Boogie what do you think? How should we call you brother? Boogie: I want a sister.(And she turneu smilling) That’s all! We just found what she said really funny. This week we are linking up again to Actually Mummy Wot So Funee.

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    Morrisons Savers Summer

    As you know i am pregnant and not up to a lot of things this summer. Last summer we went camping quite a lot and my daughter loved it. However this summer we had to restrict our outings and find ways to save money in any way possible. In about 3 months our new baby will arrive hopefully well and healthy. It’s actually easier then i thought to have fun in London without spending lots of money. With the help of Morrisons and Sarah Willingham i learned and remembered how to cook and have fun without spending lots of money. If you have want to learn why not check out Morrisons…

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    New app – Bob the Builder

    There is no surprise for you my readers anymore. When it comes to apps my daughter is like a little addict. She always wants more and more apps to play on my Iphone and Ipad. Playing with apps its quite a good activity when it is raining outside, on long car or plane journeys as it can keep her entertained quite well. Even though my daughter is quite girly she still enjoys boys apps. And why not? What’s not to enjoy about a good up. Launched on 25th of July and now available on all IOS devices, the app offers preschoolers interactive early learning fun across a range of easy…

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    Words of Wisdom 28/5

    We were blessed with a really nice weather in London for the past week. Finally the long waited summer arrived and it was really hot as well! I’m sure you all enjoyed it and you spent lots of I’ve outdoors. We did too! My daughter even enjoyed preparing and getting dressed for nursery as she was able to wear her dresses with ought tights every day. As we only have a balcony and the apartment was quite hot we spent most of our weekend outdoors. We visited our fantastic Dean City Farm situated in Colliers Wood on Saturday. If you live around the area then you know it’s a cool…

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    Words of Wisdom 4/3

    New beginnings…Life never stays the same..is always changing…sometimes into good and sometimes into bad things. My hubby started a new job today which is a good thing. However by taking a pay cut this will mean that we will struggle for a while at least…From now on I will always drop my daughter to nursery (the hard part) and my hubby will pick her up(the nice part). I quite like these New Beginnings Quotes and I hope you do: “Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it.Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”~Goethe~ “People become really quite remarkable when they startthinking that they can do things. When…