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    Guest Post from Daddy: What being a dad means to me

    My wife Otilia, the lovely and brilliant author of this blog, asked me this morning to write a post for her. This is nothing new of course as I often write reviews for her, but her request this morning was not for a review. She asked me to write a piece about what being a dad means to me.  Okaaaay, I said.  Just like that, Okaaaay. Try it. In a low voice, with an air of uncertainty, just say okaaaay. Lingering just long enough on the A for it to sound aimless and lost. As if it doesn’t know where it is going.  Got that? Excellent. Now you know how…

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    I want to be beautiful

    This is what my 4 year old said to me while we were preparing to go out one day.I looked in her big hazel eyes and said: “But you are beautiful sweetheart!” And then she answered: “No mummy! You know I need o put that thing on my face to be beautiful!” “You mean make-up sweetheart?” “Yes mummy! Hat thing you put on your eyes and makes you beautiful!” “But sweetheart you are beautiful and you don’t need make up to be beautiful. Do you see mummy putting on make up?” “Not really….but Barbie has it! She has pink colour around her eyes…” I hugged her and told her that…

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    My girls

    My girls! This weeks gallery theme is just perfect for me! Below you can see a picture with Kara and Anastasia – my baby girls which I love so so much – and a picture with me and my sister – which I love so much too! I can’t wait to be together sis’!

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    Boogie is growing

    Morning 7.50 am – preparing to leave the house to walk boogie to nursery.Boogie at the door: Mum! Mummy! Come on I’m waiting for you!Mummy(drinking her last mouth of coffee): Hold on I’m coming…Boogie:Come on! I want to show my friends my hair!Mummy:Ok let’s go!Boogie:Oh mummy you are always late! ;Hm…I guess she learned that from somewhere)Now going down on the stair boogie with her Minnie doll in arms.Boogie:I’m holding Minnie in my arms because I don’t have a baby in my tummy so I can.Mummy: Yes sweetheart that’s right you are too little.Boogie: But you can’t hold me mummy cause I’m too heavy and have my sister in your…

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    Life in UK by Fromfuntomum

    Hope you all had a nice week. The guest post for this week comes from the lovely italian lady that writes From fun to mum blog – Ellen Brooke. On her blog she writes about her life as a stay at home mum and she posts lovely pictures with her daughter G. So pop over her blog and you will not be disappointed. She even has a Sleep training Blog Hop. If you want to chat you can always find her on twitter too – her handle is of course @from_fun_to_mum. With no further mumbles from me here is her take on Life in UK:     There are a lot of things that I…