• Be Inspired By Scandinavian Style This Christmas

    Be Inspired By Scandinavian Style This Christmas

    When we think of classic Christmas scenes, our minds are immediately drawn to snow, pine trees and reindeer. So it comes as no surprise that Scandinavian styles are inspiring us a lot this year when it comes to decorate our home. It’s the kind of place which doesn’t even have try hard to feel like Christmas. As a result, the Scandinavian style is simple and natural. So a few small touches here and there can have your home feeling more festive in minutes. Have a read to get yourself feeling inspired for some decoration ideas. Pine Tree Of course, most homes have a Christmas tree in them. However, have you…

  • Christmas Paper Wreath
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    Crepe Paper Christmas Wreath

    I am starting to love crafting more and more. And oh how much i used to hate it when i was a child. My mum or dad would make most my school crafting projects…how silly i was. Crafting makes me feel relaxed and if i am relaxed i am feeling better. And if i feel better it means that i am acting better with my kids and the rest of the people that surround me.So while I was out and about with Baby A i picked up some crepe paper – gold and silver. I think both colours are quite nice for the winter and Christmas season. It is only…