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    Flowers and green in my hometown

    I must confess…i don’t have a garden actually although i would love to have one…My garden is very small and full of leaves and dirt at the moment. Hopefully next year in the spring i will start making it look a bit better. For now however i have to show you some pictures i took this week around my hometown. Most of them are with the flowers that the council planted. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. There are not that many things to photograph in my hometown..it’s really small and not very green but i am hoping to visit some friends gardens and snap some more while ¬†out.

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    I love…

    I love… …sunshine on a winter morning – like today…my daughter smile and laugh…walking in the park…summer rain dropping on my face…autumm leaves and their yellow/brownish colours…a good cup of cappucino…dancing and listening to music…cooking and baking…swimming in the sea…the green grass…my daughter’s voice…my husband kiss and that is all for now…ow…and i really love this song right now…

  • Salads

    Tasty and healthy dinner

    Now that I am on the Dukan diet (well I am on it since 2 weeks ago) I am trying to cook something healthy and appealing for the whole family. I am happy to say that the three of us enjoyed the salad with grilled chicken and beef: