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    What has made me happy

    Today I decided to join my fellow blogger and friend HelpfulMum in her new linky “What has made me happy”. I think it is a great idea especially for a pesimistic person like me. I am already trying to forgive the little bad things that happen every day so tis linky will actually help me even further.To check out @HelpfulMum post just go on her blog. What has made me happy this last week: – going to Britmums, meeting friends and learning new things; – the little movements that I started to feel in my belly last week-like butterflies; – the warm outside; – hubby told me I’m sexy in…

  • Romanian Traditions

    Paste Fericit!

    Paste Fericit/ Happy Easter to all orthodox out there! Hope you all have a fantastic day and you will spend it with family and friends. Easter is about love and forgiveness so be kind and warm today! Unfortunately my parents and my sister are far away so I’m spending Easter without them. Fortunately I am with my hubby and my beautiful daughter so even though we will not celebrate the Romanian way we will be together. We will also meet some really fantastic friends today – you know who you are – and we will go out for a nice lunch pub. I should’ve probably prepared some traditional romanian food…

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    My happy picture

    Every time i look at us in this picture i feel happy. I think this is our “First Family Picture”.  The picture was taken by my brother in law David, in Romania on the day we baptised(ziua botezului) my daughter. And goodness me she cried a lot! You see she was almost 6 months  old back then so quite old for a ceremony like this. In the orthodox religion baptising is done by sinking the whole body in the water. And of course my daughter didn’t like that at all. When i look at this picture i see us as a family and this is why i love it: My…

  • My thoughts and sorrows

    Things that make me happy

    My daughter’s smile and laugh! And when she comes to give me a kiss! A big cup of hot chocolate! Bless! A nice walk in the park with my hubby and my daughter! A surprise call from my parents or sister! A successful recipe! Like the other day the chocolate cheesecake! Or my lovely bakes tomatoes in the oven! I will be happier if i was 15 Kg lighter! A really good book! A sunny day spend on the beach! to be continued…..