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    You can be as happy as you want to be

    There are almost four years since we moved back home and little by little we are making our life here more comfortable. For now some might say that our house its still quite small for our needs but we are quite happy here. Quite a change in my attitude huh? Well, I realised that you can only be as happy as you want you want to be. Of course I still have my down periods, who doesn’t? Being a single married parent can be quite hard as I don’t have that continuous support from my husband. Trying to fit everything in one day – working from home, school runs, cleaning…

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    Being at home is great!

    And so the holiday is now finished! Back to my home town and life of a “single” mother. From the moment we arrived at the airport everything seemed to get back to it’s place. My girls and my parents were so happy to see each other again and of course my eldest was the one that was the most talkative all the way from the airport to my hometown. Unfortunately I don’t take any pictures of them together to see their enthusiasm of getting together again. It was night and we were all very tired…My mum even share a tear when she saw all of us arrive through the airport…