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    Hen Party Ideas: Brighton

    Getting married is something which is filled with excitement. You have to buy your beautiful dress, you need to start looking for wedding rings, you can start testing food for the big day… and, you need to organise your hen party! Everyone wants to mark they’re last days of ‘freedom’ with a bang, and thus the hen party is something which tends to get a lot of attention.  If you are looking for something innovative and exciting then you should consider booking one of the cottages for large groups found in Brighton for a weekend with friends. This is something which will undoubtedly go down a treat and is recommended…

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    Our 2017 Winter Holiday

    Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s been a while since I wrote on this blog but we’ve been quite busy during the winter holidays. Between celebrations, my work as a freelancer in the world of digital marketing and our prolonged trip to the mountains there was no time to spare whatsoever. But i’ve missed a lot writing here and I had to comeback and share with you a little bit about our last month. We were really happy that daddy was able to stay almost 6 weeks with us but as expected that made saying goodbye a couple of says ago even harder for all of us but especially…

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    No more holiday nightmares with Luxury for Less

    I met my husband about 12 years ago when he was travelling/backpacking around Europe. It was his first night in Bucharest actually when I met him and as he was telling me about his stories I wished one day to travel as much as him. Little that we know that we will fall in love, get married and have kids one day and our plans will have to wait for when we are old. I can’t say that we are not travelling though. We’ve been places together alone and with the kids since their blessed our life with their presence. When you travel you feel different, is like you can…

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    A holiday with my daughters

    These days (since we moved back home anyway) we go on holiday as a family when daddy has a holiday from work. But as he is not coming until august this summer I thought that will be nice to treat my girls with a getaway to the beach anyway. Before he comes home we usually go to the outdoor pool in town or for a day trip to the beach. We live only about half an hour drive from the beach but as I didn’t manage to pass my driving exam last year it is still quite difficult to get there without a car. Sometimes my dad is taking us…

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    Being at home is great!

    And so the holiday is now finished! Back to my home town and life of a “single” mother. From the moment we arrived at the airport everything seemed to get back to it’s place. My girls and my parents were so happy to see each other again and of course my eldest was the one that was the most talkative all the way from the airport to my hometown. Unfortunately I don’t take any pictures of them together to see their enthusiasm of getting together again. It was night and we were all very tired…My mum even share a tear when she saw all of us arrive through the airport…

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    Tiger in Majorca

    As you all know we’ve been on holiday in Majorca last week. My daughter loved it. She especially loved the Mini Club at the hotel because they were doing face painting. Every day she wanted to be something else but her absolute favourite and ours was the one below – the tiger: Happy Saturday!

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    Rainy day in Majorca

    When we checked the weather forecast this morning we saw that it was set to rain in the afternoon. A bit of a godsend to tell you the truth because it’s been really hot and the changed was welcomed really. So in the morning we decided to walk to this lovely rocky beach we’ve been hearing about since we arrived at the hotel. The only problems was that is really down the hill – really easy to walk down to but hard to walk up. I think I lost a couple of pounds walking up…I don’t have any pictures but will post some when will go back to London. See…