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    Middle-Eastern Cooking with the Family

    Modern tastes have become increasingly sophisticated – not only in adults, but also in children. If my mother had suggested during my eighties childhood that I try hummus, for example, I would have fainted! However, more exotic flavours are a regular feature of school lunch boxes at my daughter’s school, and I’ve found that her young friends are interested in tasting some of the more experimental dishes I’ve offered at parties. The likes of spaghetti bolognese, curry and Chinese food have long been assimilated into the standard British diet. More recently, Mexican food enjoyed a moment in the sun, while Middle-Eastern and North African food is one of the trends…

  • Family Stories

    What are you up to this Halloween?

    When i was a child i didn’t know what Halloween was and of course because of that i didn’t celebrate it either. I first heard about Halloween just after the Romanian revolution when lots of TV channels started to appear out of the blue and of course the movies came around as well. The first ever movie about Halloween was the movie “Halloween” of course with Jamie Lee Curtis. I am sure that probably everybody in the western world already watched it but if you didn’t have the chance then i am highly  recommend it. In England, Halloween is celebrated everywhere and kids look forward to it as it means…

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    Spinach salad and omelette

    My husband and I really enjoy camping. When we become parents we decided that we will take our kids camping too. Holidays are so much better than being stuck in a hotel room. A very good alternative to camping are the Alfresco holidays though. I look at it as the half way between camping and hotels. A much better alternative actually because you can stay up while your kids are sleeping. I find that when we stay at a hotel my daughter is either wending up staying up too late or us as parents have to go early to sleep . Anyway, the reason I’m writing you today is because…