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    How to Design a Room the Kids Will Love While Keeping Things Timeless

    Kids go through so many fads and phases. From wanting to transform their room into a superheroes’ den to demanding something that’s more ‘grown-up’, it’s hard to keep up with their changing taste – not to mention expensive.  However, with a few simple tricks, you can create a room they’ll love but one that will adapt to these ever-changing preferences. Here’s how:  Choose a Neutral Colour Scheme  In order to make sure you’re not decorating all of the time, opt for a paint colour that’ll evolve with different interior schemes. Whites and other neutral colours are great here, as are light greys, blues or yellows.  Ultimately, you want to choose something…


    11 Smart Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

    It’s just the start of November here and the temperature already dropped to 8-10C during the day and 2-4C during the night. The heating went on over a week ago as well as the floors were getting quite cold during the night already and as the girls spend a lot of time on the floor playing this was a must. I was hoping that the autumn winter will stay a little longer as I absolutely love autumn weather but I wasn’t that lucky this year…But hey let’s forget the autumn blues! We need to really prepare for winter! I mean my hubby is most of the time away and my…

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    My dream winter home

    The winter holidays are approaching and there’s a lot of thinking in our home at the moment. Now that we have a car to take us around we really want to spend holidays again somewhere where is proper winter. Living in the south of the country it means that we don’t always get snow for Christmas or if we do that is not as much as you would get in the mountains. The girls really enjoyed being able to jump into big snow and sleigh on proper snow. I know I am an adult now and I should not dream at things that are impossible to achieve but I do.…

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    Garden furniture – dreaming of summer

    The cold weather is still here so kids spend a lot of time indoors and that can feel quite crowded sometimes, Toys everywhere and a lot of havoc…This is why I love the warmer weather when kids can run freely through the garden and spend a lot more time outdoors.  Spring is coming though – I like to think so, at least. Dreaming of it, craving for it, I decided to start thinking about how to arrange my outdoor space to enjoy it for pleasant moments of relaxation under the blue sky. My girls loving spending time outside too. They like spending time in our garden – despite the fact…

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    A mother’s guide to making space in the home

    Taking care of the family and the home is always a lot of fun, but one issue that I am sure is familiar to all parents is how to make the most of whatever space we have in the home. And so I thought that I would compile a little list of some of the best ways that you can create a little extra space by using ottoman beds, going vertical and implementing special space-saving zones. I love ottoman beds by the way! They are great to hide stuff like blankets, duvets and extra pillows. Zonal living It’s a weird concept but I’ve found that if I divide a room…

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    Being at home is great!

    And so the holiday is now finished! Back to my home town and life of a “single” mother. From the moment we arrived at the airport everything seemed to get back to it’s place. My girls and my parents were so happy to see each other again and of course my eldest was the one that was the most talkative all the way from the airport to my hometown. Unfortunately I don’t take any pictures of them together to see their enthusiasm of getting together again. It was night and we were all very tired…My mum even share a tear when she saw all of us arrive through the airport…