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    Home Décor and DIY Projects You Don’t Need to Put Off Any Longer

    Most of us like to keep our homes looking nice. We don’t mind getting the paint brush out every few years or updating our artwork and soft furnishings. But, there are some home decorating and DIY tasks that fill most of us with dread. Below I go over a few of them and provide you with easy ways to get them done without having to pay someone. Replace your skirting boards Skirting boards are rarely replaced. We all have a tendency to makeover a room and leave the old baseboards in place. Sometimes you can get away with that approach. Rubbing them down and painting them takes a lot of…

  • How to design a lively and fun children bedroom
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    How to design a lively and fun children bedroom

    My girls don’t have a huge bedroom at the moment. We thought our house renovation will go a lot smoother and faster. It didn’t happen but we tried to make it as fun as possible for now by arranging it as they wanted and by building their furniture in their favourite colours.  They love their room despite being very small and I thought I’d share our top tips with you too!  Decorate using your child favourite colours. Or include them in the plans. His favourite colour might be black and you might have to work hard to make it work. Although a black board / chalk board where he can…