• Saturday is caption day – 13/4

    Today I’m joining the linky with the picture below: I took this picture a couple of months ago as you can see. Baby A was still in the newborn stage then. What do you think? What is your caption for it?

  • Who’s that baby?!?

    We seem to spend quite a lot of time at our local One O’clock Club since Anastasia was born. Especially Mondays and Fridays when Kara is off nursery. She enjoyed playing around while Anastasia really enjoys spending time in the baby area. She loves the mirrors and she always looks surprised every time she sees herself. While we are there she never cries and she even sleeps soundly despite the noise. If we are at home however that’s a different story. She always wants to stay in my arms or feed so I don’t ally get to do much around the house. But that doesn’t really bother me as we…

  • My photos of the week

    Not sure if i already told you but on 2nd of May we are flying to Romania for holidays or maybe for even longer. We don’t know yet. It depends how much me and the girls will like it there. This is why we’ve been trying to take pictures with Anastasia but that is not always an easy thing. It was quite funny actually. Even Kara joined her…. I am sharing with you some of the pictures we took:

  • Roarrrr!!!

    Happy Saturday!!! For Saturday is caption day I give you this picture with boogie: Can you caption the picture?

  • You talking to me?

    Finally this last week we took some more pictures with Baby A. I love this picture below! Is just like she’s looking straight into my eyes. She looks so mature holding her head up. I can’t believe she is 6 weeks old already. Time is definately passing way too fast! I just want it to stop just for a little bit if possible. I’m linking this post with the #Satcap and #SocialPix linkys-you can also find this photo on Instagram.