• Kara first day of nursery school in pictures

    It is also time to vote your favourite European Blogger on the Circle of Mums website. Looks like this year someone added me again as an entrant. Woop woop! Last year i was in the first 25 and it will be lovely if this year i will be again. So…if you would like to you can vote for me by pressing the badge below: Please remember that you can vote every day for another 14 days 🙂

  • The days of our lives

    Since my leg is in a cast we spend most days in the house. One reason will be that I can’t carry Anastasia in my arms so when my parents are not at home I prefer to keep the girls inside. The other reason is the fact that is very sunny and hot during the day and both girls have light skin so i keep them inside to protect them. I think they both miss being outside more like I used to take them out in London – no matter the weather. But despite my leg being immobilised I’m trying to make their days as fun as possible – we…

  • Baby A -18 weeks old

    There are almost 4 months since Baby A was born. Since then my beautiful daughter has grown , changed and become even more beautiful. She smiles more, she cues more and she plays more. You can really see her personality growing. I’m happy to see her thriving but at the same time I’m sad. You might ask why? Well I’m sad that the newborn stage is over. I think I will feel sad every time she will pass a stage…when she will sit up by herself, when she will crawl or walk. I’m sad because I know that I will not experience these stages again as I will not have…

  • More of Ana

    As you can imagine I take a lot of pictures with my baby. Here is the one for today: I’m linking the picture with the below linkys:    

  • Like twins

    Anybody that knows both my girls says how much they look like each other. Actually it’s quite amazing! My husband says that they are like twins born 3 years apart 🙂 Here are some pictures with both of them: What do you think? Anastasia’s face is definitely longer but their eyes are so much the same.

  • Boogie

    My eldest daughter – boogie as we call her is a very imaginative child. She loves role playing and her imagination surprises me all the time. What do you think she was up to in this picture below?