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    Magic Belles – an app for little lovers of music!

    Magic Belles! Magic Music! A new app is out from Luma Creative. The app is now available for all iOs devices – iPhone, iPod and iPad for only £1.49 from the App Store:Magic Belles The app is just too cute not to buy it for your little ones. Check the below picture only. The app was created to introduce children to the world of music. Magic Belles: Magic Music features seven vibrant mini games to entertain girls between the ages of 3 – 6. I know it’s meant for girls but I am sure boys will like it too. It’s just nice for children to create little sounds with this…

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    New app – Bob the Builder

    There is no surprise for you my readers anymore. When it comes to apps my daughter is like a little addict. She always wants more and more apps to play on my Iphone and Ipad. Playing with apps its quite a good activity when it is raining outside, on long car or plane journeys as it can keep her entertained quite well. Even though my daughter is quite girly she still enjoys boys apps. And why not? What’s not to enjoy about a good up. Launched on 25th of July and now available on all IOS devices, the app offers preschoolers interactive early learning fun across a range of easy…

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    We Love Tracy Beaker Application

    The lovely people from Entertainment informed me the other week that Tracy Beaker has a new application! Really excited to download this new application on my iPad as there are a few bits that can be used by adults as well! Lovely isn’t it? The app is meant for 4 + but it is quite good for adults like me as well! Not very good at all the games available to download for iPad but this app it suits me – scratches and words finder! I love them! Unfortunately my daughter is a bit too young for this app but I’m sure she will start to like it in time!…

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    Tech and boogie

    Boogie loves my iPhone and my iPad! Sometimes I am afraid that she will damage them as she is only 32 months old but she is great at using the applications and YouTube! Below I present you one of the occasions when boogie is using my iPad to play her nursery songs!

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    iPads or not for toddlers????

    iPad or not for my two year old? Before my birthday this year I didn’t have an iPad so this post would not exist if right now if I did not have an iPad! Ok then maybe I should try and stop repeating myself. My dear hubby gave me an iPad as a present for our anniversary and birthday. It had to be a combined present as these iPads are bloody expensive! As soon as he gave it to me – even though I really wanted one – I said to him to take it back! I love my iPad now and I use it every evening! It’s so much…

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    Postman Pat application

    For all my readers I have a new application to share with you(and a free code which you can find at the end of this post.POSTMAN PAT SPECIAL DELIVERY SERVICE APP IS NOW AVAILABLE ON THE APP STORE!!!!! Postman Pat application became available on the 06 September. You can download this application for you children to enjoy on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch! Postman Pat has delivered enchanting entertainment to young children around the world for three incredible decades. In this new app, launched to coincide with Postman Pat’s 30th Birthday celebrations, Postman Pat delivers more than ever. The Postman Pat App offers young fans games that deliver interactive…

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    My 1st JCB

    My 1st JCB is new application for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It became available on the 24th of August and it has a great inpact in the world of boys(and not only as my daughter loves it)! This is the first ever app for the popular boys construction brand,My 1st JCB.The My 1st JCB App offers children aged 1-5 years old interactive early learning fun with their favorite JCB characters! Kids can enjoy playing with all ten characters from the 1st JCB team including Joey JCB,Marty Mixer and Doug Dumptruck. You can choose from a selection of nine creative and colourful mini-games and activities. Each mini-game has been designed…