• Fun Plans for October with Yourids
    Outdoor Activities

    Fun Plans for October with Your Kids

    Now that the kids are back to school I am sure that like me you are also starting to prepare for the moments when it’s not going to be as warm outside.  It may not feel like two minutes since the summer holidays, but October half term is almost upon us. As the weather turns wetter and colder, it’s tempting to keep the kids occupied with technology indoors. However, if you want to truly make the most of the holidays together, getting outdoors and having fun as a family is the best way to do it. Here, we’ll look at some of the best fun plans you can make for…

  • Outdoor Snow Activities
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    Outdoor Snow Activities

    Because we live in Romania we are lucky enough to have snow at least a couple of times a year. As you can imagine my girls love playing in snow so every time it happens to snow is quite hard to get them indoors. They have a lot of fun there’s no doubt but I think I used to have a lot more fun in the snow when I was a child. Maybe because there were not as many cars on the streets as they are now and my parents used to join in with the fun too…I don’t know… As we are preparing for some more snow in the next…

  • Family Stories

    What are you up to this Halloween?

    When i was a child i didn’t know what Halloween was and of course because of that i didn’t celebrate it either. I first heard about Halloween just after the Romanian revolution when lots of TV channels started to appear out of the blue and of course the movies came around as well. The first ever movie about Halloween was the movie “Halloween” of course with Jamie Lee Curtis. I am sure that probably everybody in the western world already watched it but if you didn’t have the chance then i am highly  recommend it. In England, Halloween is celebrated everywhere and kids look forward to it as it means…

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    DIY Stamps

    Every time it rains and my eldest daughter is off nursery she wants to do crafting. As I’m not very good at this sort of thing I searched for ideas on Maggy’s blog Red Ted Art. As Kara loves stamps and painting I thought that these super quick DIY stamps were a good idea. Pretty simple for me to do although the drying up with normal glue takes a while. I think next time I will definitely try superglue. They don’t look as good as Maggy’s but I think it’s good for my first ever craft. What do you need: – bottle tops – I used normal ones from like…