• Tree Paper Garland
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    Homemade Christmas: Tree Paper Garland

    Because of my eldest daughter Kara loves crafting we made one more craft last week – the Christmas tree garland.   Materials: Wark blue paper card – the harder and thicker the better; White paper card; Silver glue; Scissors; Christmas tree cookie cutter; 1 pencil; A long piece of string – 1m – 1 1/2m depending how long you want to make it. Double sticky tape. Steps to follow:   Place the cookie cutter on the blue paper and draw around it with the pencil so that when you take the cookie of the paper you have a tree drawing. Repeat the process until you have a paper full of…

  • Painted Pine Cones #craft
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    Painted Pine Cones

    You know already that i am not the biggest crafter in the world. I never been but i am trying. So since i’ve been stuck with a leg in a cast for the last 45 days i’ve been doing quite a lot of it with my 4 year old. Most of them were just for the sake of it as Kara just enjoys the play and the time spent together. One of the crafts she really enjoyes this last month and half was the painting the pine cones. Every time she went out with her grandparents she picks many as she can. Here is how they looked like:   It…