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    Parenthood – a historic timeline

    Being a parent is one of the hardest and most beautiful jobs in the whole world.  Plus very rewarding let’s not forget. Seeing your child smile and thrive is what we all work for let’s face it. However, ever since you tell people about your good news “We are going to have a baby!” the questions start pouring! “Did you decide what you going to do? Are you going to try and give birth naturally or just book for a caesarean?” “Home birth, water birth or hospital?” “Are you going to breastfeed or bottle-feed?” “What type of nappies you want to use disposable or not?” You don’t even have time…

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    Listography – My top 5 Life Lessons

    The Listography is back! YEY! I didn’t join in as many times as i wanted too because i didn’t have as many things to say as the others but always enjoyed reading Kate’s posts and the other entries. On Sunday however Kate wrote a new Listography post and this time around the topic is life lessons – Top 5 life lessons. A difficult and serious one but if it will be to write it for my girls to read it in the years to come the life lessons will be: Smile, laugh and fall in love – This is something i learnt from my husband. If you start your day with…

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    A slice of Britain

    These last 6 months were hard and tough and brilliant all at the same time. The move, the distance, the leg, the depression, the change – everything affected me in so many different ways…mostly bad ways i guess.  I had moments when i was crying so much i didn’t know if i will ever be able to stop. I had moments when i felt so low and lost that i just wanted to go and hide in a room…hole somewhere away from everything and everybody. I know that this is my depression and anxiety talking but you understand what i mean. But then i will turn to the social media…

  • How not to be the perfect parent
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    How not to be the perfect parent

    When hubby and I decided to have kids we didn’t actually wondered if we will be good at it or not. Ok that’s a lie. Hubby always said that I will make a great mother. But I always disagree. Nobody can be good always. Everybody makes mistakes in life and we make lots with our kids.Our grandparents made mistakes with our parents. And our parents (although they might try to deny it) made mistakes with us.So for sure we are prone to make mistakes with our kids even though they will be different mistakes and not the ones that our parents made with us.But do we need to be perfect…

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    Baby Anastasia – 12 weeks and video time

    I just love spending time with my baby. I love her more each day and she makes my heart warm inside with every single smile. And she smiles a lot. I am blessed to be the mother of yet another beautiful girl. She loves cuddles and being talked to. Look how cute she is in the video below: Please time stop! I want my kids to stay happy and cute forever!

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    Baby Anastasia is 10 weeks old

    Time flies…it seems that all my posts about my kids start the same. 10 weeks since Anastasia came into this world. We had tough times. We had good times. When she smiles and cues all the bad is forgotten. I can’t explain in words how happy I feel! Kara shows how much she loves her sister more each day. Every time she gets next to her she kisses her. She says she can’t wait to play with her! Anastasia is like a flower that is blooming a little bit more each day. She’s more beautiful with each day passing. She smiles and looks up so happily. Some of my mummy…

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    Sister love

    Our life as a family changed at the beginning of December forever. We used to be a family of 3 and we are now a family of 4. We now have not only one beautiful little girl but two. I’m happy. It just feels perfect. Now our family is complete. I have a sister and she’s my best friend although we lie in different countries. I hope my daughters will be best friends. Nobody will love you more and unconditionally. And I’m happy to say that my eldest already shows how much she loves her baby sister. It’s lovely when good and new changes are happening!