• Satcap 30/6

    A bit later than usual with my satcap today but better then never i guess. This picture was taken while on holiday in Majorca: So if you have a caption please go on and leave me a comment. Have a great rest of the weekend! This week the Satcap is hosted by the one and only Jenny Paulin – Mummy Mishaps because Annie is on holiday.  

  • Tiger in Majorca

    As you all know we’ve been on holiday in Majorca last week. My daughter loved it. She especially loved the Mini Club at the hotel because they were doing face painting. Every day she wanted to be something else but her absolute favourite and ours was the one below – the tiger: Happy Saturday!

  • We are going on holiday!!!

    Finally! I can’t believe that the time to go on holiday has come! We are flying to Majorca very early tomorrow morning! Yey!!!! To tell you the truth I’ve been so busy at work these last two days…and in some ways I actually forgot that we are leaving. But all in all we are excited. My daughter can’t wait to go to the seaside! She can’t really understand why we have to leave in the middle of the night?!? We just told her that we re going to fly to another country…and she was even more confused as she asked “What is country mummy?” It was kind of hard to…