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    The days of our lives

    Since my leg is in a cast we spend most days in the house. One reason will be that I can’t carry Anastasia in my arms so when my parents are not at home I prefer to keep the girls inside. The other reason is the fact that is very sunny and hot during the day and both girls have light skin so i keep them inside to protect them. I think they both miss being outside more like I used to take them out in London – no matter the weather. But despite my leg being immobilised I’m trying to make their days as fun as possible – we…

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    Running face!

    Look at that grin! The best thing my girls can do is smile and it doesn’t even matter why. If they smile it means they are happy. Ad if hey are happy I’m happy with them! Have a go and tell me why was she laughing above?

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    Loving Pinterest

    Around three years ago when i started blogging a new and exciting social media platform was launching as well – Pinterest! But what is Pinterest exaclty? Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things you love. You can pin things from around the web and make yourself a collection of boards that can contain several links to things you love, to things you might love to have or even ideas and designs for your home. As a blogger i love Pinterest because i can pin all the posts i write – espeacially the ones about cooking. More even since i start using Pinterest (and that is 3 years…

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    Loving the sunshine

    Since the day we arrived Kara absolutely loves the hot weather! She couldnt believe when i told her she doesn’t need to wear socks, tights or a┬ávest under her clothes! She even said – But mummy in England i had too! She spends a lot of her time in the garden and outside in general. The parks in my hometown are not great unfortunately (about this in another post maybe) but every afternoon there is a bouncy castle that goes up in the centre of the town. Kara wants to go every night and we really dont mind taking her. After we put Anastasia to bed this is our activity.…

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    Words of Wisdom 14/5

    This week I wondered if I should continue writing the “Words of Wisdom” series on my blog…. Then I even wondered if I should continue writing at all and if maybe the blog is not what I need in my life at the moment…Maybe you noticed that I didn’t write a lot anyway and that my posts are rather full of self pity? Who wants to write a blog that is always depressing? I mean seriously! But then the lovely Annie the mother of http://mammasaurus.co.uk/ and LoveAllBlogs asked me to be part of the Love New Blogs team. I love her work and what she’s been doing for new and…

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    Satcap 12/5

    This saturday i have a picture from our wedding for you ­čÖé So have a go and make it funny if you wish ­čÖé For more fun pics hope over at┬áMammasaurus Blog!