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    Flowers and green in my hometown

    I must confess…i don’t have a garden actually although i would love to have one…My garden is very small and full of leaves and dirt at the moment. Hopefully next year in the spring i will start making it look a bit better. For now however i have to show you some pictures i took this week around my hometown. Most of them are with the flowers that the council planted. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. There are not that many things to photograph in my hometown..it’s really small and not very green but i am hoping to visit some friends gardens and snap some more while  out.

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    Family Stories,  My thoughts and sorrows

    Taking care of my “garden”

    Even before we got married Adrian and I decided that we will move to Romania before having kids. We said that we will only live in London for a couple of years. It didn’t happen. We just didn’t manage to save enough money to move to Romania. And we enjoyed our free life and without worries in London too so we didn’t rush. HAVING BABIES But in 2008, two years after we got married – Adrian was hitting 40’s the year after so we decided that it was time to start trying for a baby. I got pregnant very fast. Faster that I thought. And then while I was pregnant…

  • Romanian Traditions

    Palm Day (Flowers Day)

    Happy Easter to all of you that celebrate Easter today!  In the orthodox religion Easter is next week Sunday. Today however we celebrate “Palm Day” or Flowers Day. This was initially dedicated to the Roman goddess Flora, but then it was celebrated in the memory of the Jesus’ entrance to Jerusalem. This day is the celebration of the nature revival, when the willows, the fruit trees and the flowers bloom. The willow plays a very important role in the rituals. All the ladies that have names of flowers are celebrated as well.   The legend goes that, while Jesus was crucified, His mother left, crying, in the search of her…