• Family Stories

    Pregnancy diary 21 weeks

    Yesterday I had my second scan. The three of us-boogie,daddy and mummy-went to St. George’s Hospital together. I wanted my daughter to be with us as well. She couldn’t stop talking though…or stop moving…somehow she was trying to distract us from looking at the scan. Below you can see a picture of the scan. Not very good I should say. The lady wasn’t very good with capturing the baby…:(   Alright it is a picture of a picture…at my hospital doesn’t give you a cd with the pictures at the second scan. Ok enough with the scan! We were really excited and we really wanted to see the gender of…

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    Do you love mummy?

    I was very happy to come home early tonight! I was even more happy to hug and kiss my lovely daughter!I gave her a really big HUG and told her: “Kara mummy loves you very much!” And then she just looked at me… You see she usually says: “Love you too!” Because she didn’t I went on and asked her: “Kara do you love mummy?” But Kara said looking at me strangely: “No!” To which I asked “Why not then?” Kara:”Ah…..I want sweets!” You see we’ve been trying to keep her off sweets and give to her only as a reward for being a good girl. I guess for a…

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    Radical hair do…

      My poor baby daughter… her hair was transformed last night! She went from having a beautiful fringe like this(when i started it was a bit longer though…):   to have a very short and ugly fringe…   Mommy only hope is that her her will grow fast enough for my lil’ daughter not to remember… Mummy loves you very much Kara I guess that in this case mummy was a little bit naughty and not Kara! I have to say that she is never naughty(even though you might be able to see the pen sign on the wall just behind Kara)! She might be cheecky..but not naughty!    …

  • My thoughts and sorrows

    3 Good Reasons I am a Good Mum

    I know that my fellow mummy blogger posted this in January but i still think that this is a good idea so here you go… I am a good mum this week because: 1. I bought my daughter beads and threads as she enjoys making bracelets and necklace. Or better said she enjoys wearing them… 2. I prepare every single day her lunch and try to make what she likes; 3. I baked for my daughter a banana bread that she loved. I am a bit of a virgin when it comes to blogging though…haha Wondering if any of you writes this down????

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    My Carry Potty Review

    This potty promises to be the toddler best friend and help them with the transition from a nappy to a real toilet. Unfortunately my daughter likes to play with it but when it comes to use it for other reasons she just don’t seem interested! She is almost two at the moment but i guess she is not ready to be potty trained ?? She uses as a bag at the moment and she even put some water in it and try to wash one of her teddies! I am a bit disappointed because i was really hoping that this potty will help me and her to get rid of…

  • My thoughts and sorrows

    Things that make me happy

    My daughter’s smile and laugh! And when she comes to give me a kiss! A big cup of hot chocolate! Bless! A nice walk in the park with my hubby and my daughter! A surprise call from my parents or sister! A successful recipe! Like the other day the chocolate cheesecake! Or my lovely bakes tomatoes in the oven! I will be happier if i was 15 Kg lighter! A really good book! A sunny day spend on the beach! to be continued…..