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    Mummy Quiz

    Before my child can fall asleep I have to… Getting boogie prepared for her sleep its been daddy’s “thing” since about a year ago and I rarely put her to sleep now. Feeling guilty as I am writing this. But…we always watch a couple of Peppa Pig episodes. We give each other kisses and cuddle before I lay her in the cot and tuck her in but daddy reads her a story – so he is the one that sees her last. One thing I do that makes my child laugh is… Boogie loves being tickled and she will even take my hand and direct me to whatever she would…

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    SAHM might be the option?!?

    Today I had a hard day! Today more than in any other day I felt like I should be a stay at home mum or at least a mum that is working part time. I miss spending time with my daughter and be there for her when she needs me! At the moment I am a WORKING MUM and I spend 10 hours a day away from my daughter. I missed her first step, I missed her first real word and she called her key worker name before she call me mummy. Really..she still calls me “nany”…..only when she really needs something from me she calls me “mama” or “mum”.…

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    Tech and boogie

    Boogie loves my iPhone and my iPad! Sometimes I am afraid that she will damage them as she is only 32 months old but she is great at using the applications and YouTube! Below I present you one of the occasions when boogie is using my iPad to play her nursery songs!

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    Christmas Music

    Do you sing Christmas songs for your kids? I sing Romanian Christmas songs for my daughter but with the English songs I need help because as much as I try I don’t know them all… The lovely lady from Music For Baby sent me this fantastic cd with Christmas songs in english. Boogie loves music and she loves this cd as well! And she sings them as well because at nursery they are teaching them these songs! And I am thankful because my boogie and I can have fun singing these Christmas songs! And I love having fun with my little biggie! “BABY SING CHRISTMAS” is out now! So you…

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    What is normal?!?!

    While reading Paulo Coelho’s book “The winner stands alone” I came up with the idea of writing this post. Do you consider yourself a normal person? If you do what make you NORMAL in your eyes? What is normal for one can be not normal for someone else… The things that make me normal make me feel human in one or another. According to the dictionary NORMAL is “the usual, the average”. This adjective my upset some…but I think of myself a NORMAL person. So here is me sharing with you the things that make me (feel) NORMAL: – I wake up every morning to the sound of my alarm…

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    Eat veg’ with Tasty Tunes

    Ella’s Kitchen products always been at a great value in my family! Boogie enjoyed eating them and I was very happy that she did because I believe in their products and that mean that my baby will eat some vegetables. The fact that the vegetables and fruits were coming in a pouch was even better as It mean that my baby will get to eat good food on the go! I did write about Ella’s Kitchen before but when I received an email from lovely Kate asking me to spread the word about their new collaboration with Rachel Stevens I was very excited! Ella’s Kitchen teamed up with celebrity mum…