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    Healthy pancakes?!?

    You might laugh but the healthy pancakes really exist and I’m going to show you how to make them. First though I need to tell you why I chose to make this healthy option. I didn’t mention it before but at the same time with listening the “Thinking Slimmer” Slimpod I am following the Dukan diet as well. Dukan diet is based on eating proteins as a main food, followed by vegetables and no carbohydrates. I thought it will be quite hard as I used to love (I still do) my potatoes, pasta, and rice. Even though you are not allowed to eat carbohydrates you still need to have oat…

  • Romanian Pancakes - Clatite
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    Romanian Pancakes – Clatite

    Romanian pancakes are similar to French crepes but they are more like a light,thin pancake. Like crepes they can be prepared with a savory or sweet filling. Unlike French crepes they do not get dry and they can be kept in the refrigerator and reheated. Below you will find a basic recipe for CLATITE: 1 1/4 cups plain flour 2 eggs 1 pinch salt 2 tbsp. superfine granulated sugar 1 1/2 cups of milk 2 tsp butter,melted,for batter 1 tbsp. butter,melted for cooking This is only for 8-10 pancakes but if you are like me you will double or triple this recipe and keep refrigerated for a desert ready in…