• How Can We Set a Good Example to Our Children?
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    How Can We Set a Good Example to Our Children?

    When you bring a child into the world, there’s a lot of pressure to do things right. We all want our children to grow up happy, healthy and productive members of society, and the way we raise them when they’re little has a huge impact on what their thoughts and views, personality and goals are likely to be later on. None of us are working to a rule book, and when it comes to parenting we’re all just winging it and doing the best we can. This isn’t to say any of us need to be perfect because perfection doesn’t exist, however, there are a few things within our control…

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    Why I chose to be a work at home mum

    Before I had kids I always imagined myself as a career woman. Over the years I moved from one job to another depending on where I lived. I worked as Human Resources Specialist, Warehouse Manager and in my last field as a full time job in Supply Chain Management. When my youngest was born and we moved closer to my parents I knew that none of the jobs mentioned above was possible. Thankfully, I already started to have a little bit of income through this blog which help greatly for a mum of two young children with her husband working away. However, at the moment advertising and sponsored posts through my…

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    My thoughts and sorrows

    The latest about this single married mother

    Summer is here for sure now. Most days we have around 30 degrees and at lunch time when the sun is at its hottest we hide behind the curtains with the air conditioning on. This is when I wish their dad was still here. He is way more entertaining than I am and more full of life. I am so boring these days…I don’t even do that much crafting with the girls anymore. I was getting there a couple of months ago just after my gallbladder operation. I think I was slightly happier than usual and was even starting to look after myself – regular trips to the salon for…

  • Monday Parenting Pin it Party

    Parenting Pin-It Party #136

    Happy Monday everyone! Unforeseen events kept me away from my blogs these last couple of weeks but I am now back and hopefully nothing will keep me away again. I had moments when I considered parking this blog as it maybe it just had its time but I love my little space of internet so my heart just didn’t let me do it. There are only a couple of days left until Christmas so my featured posts have to have as a subject Christmas. Pom pom Santa hat decoration   Doily Christmas cards   Now if you would like to share your parenting posts please do read the guidelines of…

  • Kid-Made Mice Christmas Ornaments
    Monday Parenting Pin it Party

    Parenting Pin-It Party #132

    Happy Monday everyone! The time has come for me to host again the #pinitparty. Hope you are all well despite the recent world events. Life is scarier than ever at the moment so keep your family and friends close always. Handprint Christmas Tree   This is such an easy craft for kids of all ages and you could apply to different things – cards , garlands and many other little bits. Kid-Made Mice Christmas Ornaments   I am not a mice fan, I actually hate them (who doesn’t?) but these one look really cute don’t they?   Please do read the guidelines of the linky before you link up your fabulous…

  • Monday Parenting Pin it Party

    Parenting Pin-It Party #128

    Halloween is at the end of this week so I bet that you are all preparing in some way or another for it. Although I didn’t “celebrate” as such before I had the girls I am now preparing for two Halloween parties for the end of the week. If you are a parent like me I am sure that in some way you prepare for it too. So this is why my pics for today are strongly related to Halloween. Potato Stamping Jack-O’-Lantern Faces This is such an easy craft for kids of all ages and i bet that most kids will love it! 5 Spooktacular Halloween Perler Bead Pattern…

  • Autumn Tree Cereal Craft
    Monday Parenting Pin it Party

    Parenting Pin-It Party #119

    We are slowly approaching cooler days and although it makes me feel sad that the summer is almost finished I am looking forward to the autumn days. I was born in the autumn and it’s my favourite seasons of all. For me is when the start of new beginnings – a new school year, a year older for me and my husband. This week I am hosting the #pinitparty and have to say I am looking forward to see all your crafts and autumny posts. It was Helen’s turn to host but she is still on holiday. “Waves! Have fun lovely!” Out of last weeks entries I decided that my favourite…