• Monday Parenting Pin it Party

    Parenting Pin-It Party #136

    Happy Monday everyone! Unforeseen events kept me away from my blogs these last couple of weeks but I am now back and hopefully nothing will keep me away again. I had moments when I considered parking this blog as it maybe it just had its time but I love my little space of internet so my heart just didn’t let me do it. There are only a couple of days left until Christmas so my featured posts have to have as a subject Christmas. Pom pom Santa hat decoration   Doily Christmas cards   Now if you would like to share your parenting posts please do read the guidelines of…

  • Kid-Made Mice Christmas Ornaments
    Monday Parenting Pin it Party

    Parenting Pin-It Party #132

    Happy Monday everyone! The time has come for me to host again the #pinitparty. Hope you are all well despite the recent world events. Life is scarier than ever at the moment so keep your family and friends close always. Handprint Christmas Tree   This is such an easy craft for kids of all ages and you could apply to different things – cards , garlands and many other little bits. Kid-Made Mice Christmas Ornaments   I am not a mice fan, I actually hate them (who doesn’t?) but these one look really cute don’t they?   Please do read the guidelines of the linky before you link up your fabulous…

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    Monday Parenting Pin it Party

    Parenting Pin-It Party #113

    First I would like to apologise for not being really with it this week and last week. The #pinitparty team is on holiday really. This is why I am hosting again today. So if you linked up with the linky last week than stay around to check out the featured posts. After carefully studying all the posts that were linked last week I chose two parenting posts for all of you! After all we all need some help sometimes with our parenting troubles. When Your Children Complain They Are Bored – simple solution I found this article particularly interesting, Although I do have two girls so you would think they keep…

  • Monday Parenting Pin it Party

    Parenting Pin-It Party #85

    Hello everyone and Happy Holidays! Hope you all had a good Christmas! Well now it is time for you all to link up your latest parenting posts and all the other related crafts,recipes and other posts to the Parenting Pin-It Party! So let me present you the featured posts:     Both very interesting posts to read – the first one a pure parenting post from Dad’s the way i like it and a crafty one (and not only ) from Becky over at Baby Budgeting. ****** Now if is your first time here and you would like to link up than please make sure you will read the rules…

  • Monday Parenting Pin it Party

    Parenting Pin-It Party #42

    The time for me to host the Parenting Pin-It Party has come again and unfortunately I am a bit late. Both girls were ill for the post week and blogging was the last thing on my mind. Quite exhausted at the moment but hopefully soon they will both be ok. Last week the linky was hosted by The Fairy and The Frog blog and let me tell you it was quite hard to choose the favourites. As a foodie though I had to go for the foodie entries so here are the favourites: 1. Cupcakes are always the dessert that my eldest is choosing to have out of all the goodies and…

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    Solo parenting – how do you do it?

    So yeh although i am married most of the time I feel like a single parent.   99.99% of the time i am the one taking all the decisions regarding my girls. Simple decisions but time consuming ones.   When do we eat? What do we eat? Anastasia can’t eat the same thing as Kara…   Aw…wait Kara can’t go to nursery today as she is snotty and she is coughing so i need to figure out a plan and activities for the whole day…   At some point one of them will cry or scream because they are not happy…   The weather changed as well so is not…