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    Natural History Museum,Car boot sale, chicken pox and preparing for a long holiday

    There are less than 2 weeks left until the 2nd of May! I’m excited and scared all at the same time. I’m excited to go home and see my family and at the prospect of designing my own kitchen. I’ve been changing the colours of it so many times! On Saturday morning me and Kara went out to meet my friend Annie and her daughter Kitty at the Natural History Museum! It was a beautiful day and Kara was so excited to spend the morning just with her mummy! You see I left my baby with daddy at home as she has chicken pox and as the place we were…

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    Satcap 17/11

    Happy Saturday! Today I’m posting my photo late as I am not having the best of the days and plus I couldn’t really sleep last night. My Braxton Hicks are getting stronger and stronger. Plus I full of worries…. Anyway yesterday my daughter and I had fun out and about. Below is one of the pictures I took with my phone:   Do you have a caption for it?

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    Morrisons Savers Summer

    As you know i am pregnant and not up to a lot of things this summer. Last summer we went camping quite a lot and my daughter loved it. However this summer we had to restrict our outings and find ways to save money in any way possible. In about 3 months our new baby will arrive hopefully well and healthy. It’s actually easier then i thought to have fun in London without spending lots of money. With the help of Morrisons and Sarah Willingham i learned and remembered how to cook and have fun without spending lots of money. If you have want to learn why not check out Morrisons…

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    Words of Wisdom 28/5

    We were blessed with a really nice weather in London for the past week. Finally the long waited summer arrived and it was really hot as well! I’m sure you all enjoyed it and you spent lots of I’ve outdoors. We did too! My daughter even enjoyed preparing and getting dressed for nursery as she was able to wear her dresses with ought tights every day. As we only have a balcony and the apartment was quite hot we spent most of our weekend outdoors. We visited our fantastic Dean City Farm situated in Colliers Wood on Saturday. If you live around the area then you know it’s a cool…

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    Funny things

    #SunFun – today is the second time I am taking part. The first funny thing that I would like to share with you is something that my daughter said today. Every day she gets more and more funny and she is acting a lot like a little lady. Today when on the way back from the park we had to climb up the stairs that take us to our flat. As soon as we get into the house she said: “That was such a hard work!” followed by “Phew!”. The second one is a picture I found on the Internet…again with the subject “Social network”: For more pop over at…

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    Words of Wisdom – 15/1

    Can’t believe weekend is almost finished! I’m telling you 2 days I not enough! Why do we have to work 5 days and rest 2? I think that for families it should be the other way around. Anyway….something like this might help: a walk in the park, playing with your child and drinking a yummy cup of cappuccino can make you feel better!