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    Family Stories

    Happy Orthodox Easter!!!

    Today is Easter in Romania. My mum prepared lots of traditional Easter dishes! I can’t wait to try them at the family dinner. I guess the diet has to wait until after the Easter. If you are celebrating Easter too then i wish you to have a wonderful and happy day! Hristos a Inviat!

  • Romanian Traditions

    Paste Fericit!

    Paste Fericit/ Happy Easter to all orthodox out there! Hope you all have a fantastic day and you will spend it with family and friends. Easter is about love and forgiveness so be kind and warm today! Unfortunately my parents and my sister are far away so I’m spending Easter without them. Fortunately I am with my hubby and my beautiful daughter so even though we will not celebrate the Romanian way we will be together. We will also meet some really fantastic friends today – you know who you are – and we will go out for a nice lunch pub. I should’ve probably prepared some traditional romanian food…