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    Satcap 17/11

    Happy Saturday! Today I’m posting my photo late as I am not having the best of the days and plus I couldn’t really sleep last night. My Braxton Hicks are getting stronger and stronger. Plus I full of worries…. Anyway yesterday my daughter and I had fun out and about. Below is one of the pictures I took with my phone:   Do you have a caption for it?

  • Family Stories,  Photography

    My happy picture

    Every time i look at us in this picture i feel happy. I think this is our “First Family Picture”.  The picture was taken by my brother in law David, in Romania on the day we baptised(ziua botezului) my daughter. And goodness me she cried a lot! You see she was almost 6 months  old back then so quite old for a ceremony like this. In the orthodox religion baptising is done by sinking the whole body in the water. And of course my daughter didn’t like that at all. When i look at this picture i see us as a family and this is why i love it: My…

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    Words of Wisdom – 22/1

    Hope you all had a nice weekend! I’m not going to write very much today so I will just go straight to my Words of Wisdom for today: “Sometimes a sweet treat can brighten even the worst of the days” It definitely worked for me!  

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    Radical hair do…

      My poor baby daughter… her hair was transformed last night! She went from having a beautiful fringe like this(when i started it was a bit longer though…):   to have a very short and ugly fringe…   Mommy only hope is that her her will grow fast enough for my lil’ daughter not to remember… Mummy loves you very much Kara I guess that in this case mummy was a little bit naughty and not Kara! I have to say that she is never naughty(even though you might be able to see the pen sign on the wall just behind Kara)! She might be cheecky..but not naughty!    …