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    Sisters 3/52

    This last week I started using more and more my husband camera. You see he left here for me to use and snap pictures but it is a lot heavier and newer than my Canon 450D so it took a while for me to grab and start using. The pictures it takes and the lens is a 85mm prime and appropriate for close ups and portraits. When I witness at Christmas what it can do…I decided that I will use it a lot more so here it is…the pics I took in the last couple of days. I do confess I did play a bit with picmonkey on the original 🙂 Anastasia’s pictures…

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    Siblings in December

    Okay…so I know I am late but as I was really busy with my #Shoebox2014 project I didn’t really have a lot of time to snap my girls together so I preferred to wait until I have something good. But then hubby came home and then Christmas so this is how the time fly by…but we do have pictures and here they are taking part at cleaning up the house before Christmas:   They always want to help one way of another 🙂 Sometimes is really helpful as they distract themselves and I can get on with what I really have to do. Other times…things get done in double the…

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    #Instahuntaug – my favourites

    At some point during the month of august i joined an instagram challenge started by the lovely Cat Parrott –  #instahuntaug. It’s been lovely to take part and to check out the others pictures. Here are my favourite entries: I would love to do it again and maybe next time i will manage to tick all the boxes as per Cat’s challenge.

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    The Gallery: Relax…

    Today i am joining in again with The Gallery linky hosted on the Sticky fingers blog. It’s been a while as it happens…maybe because this linky starts in the middle of the week and i seem to get really busy on Wednesdays. But this week the theme resonates with me a lot – Relax…I don’t really know how to do that… I am always surrounded by my kids and my family. They are all quite demanding so it’s quite hard to relax. Before i had my girls relaxing meant that i would get away from everybody and everything , sit on a bench in a park and watch the sky or…

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    Running face!

    Look at that grin! The best thing my girls can do is smile and it doesn’t even matter why. If they smile it means they are happy. Ad if hey are happy I’m happy with them! Have a go and tell me why was she laughing above?

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    The Gallery: Drink

    What is the best drink for babies? Of course is milk. And the best is always breast – if you can do it. But sometimes can be impossible or inconvinient to breastfeed your baby. This is why before we left for the church i prepared a bottle of milk for my baby daughter in case she will cry too much after the actual christening. I just didn’t feel confortable to pop my book out in the middle of the church. What do you think? Is it ok for a breastfeeding mum to offer the baby a bottle in inconvenient(unconfortable) situations?

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    Family memories

    Last weekend we had Anastasia’s Christening. It was a warm and nice day. This time we kept it small – just us , my parents and my sister and the godparents. I love the pictures with the four of us just before the ceremony: I am unsure which picture to print and put on the wall as a family picture…what do you think? Or maybe we should just print them all and make a collage?