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    Loving the sunshine

    Since the day we arrived Kara absolutely loves the hot weather! She couldnt believe when i told her she doesn’t need to wear socks, tights or a┬ávest under her clothes! She even said – But mummy in England i had too! She spends a lot of her time in the garden and outside in general. The parks in my hometown are not great unfortunately (about this in another post maybe) but every afternoon there is a bouncy castle that goes up in the centre of the town. Kara wants to go every night and we really dont mind taking her. After we put Anastasia to bed this is our activity.…

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    Truly having fun

    Today we celebrated Kara’s 4th birthday. We had her party in a play centre. The whole place was only for us and all the kids loved it. Even the adults had fun! On the way home Kara said: “I had a fantastic day mummy and daddy!” And you and definitely see in the picture below:

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    Like twins

    Anybody that knows both my girls says how much they look like each other. Actually it’s quite amazing! My husband says that they are like twins born 3 years apart ­čÖé Here are some pictures with both of them: What do you think? Anastasia’s face is definitely longer but their eyes are so much the same.

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    My eldest daughter – boogie as we call her is a very imaginative child. She loves role playing and her imagination surprises me all the time. What do you think she was up to in this picture below?

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    Satcap 17/11

    Happy Saturday! Today I’m posting my photo late as I am not having the best of the days and plus I couldn’t really sleep last night. My Braxton Hicks are getting stronger and stronger. Plus I full of worries…. Anyway yesterday my daughter and I had fun out and about. Below is one of the pictures I took with my phone:   Do you have a caption for it?

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    Saturday! Thanks God it’s finally Saturday! I have lots of washing and cleaning to do but i am really exhausted after a full week at work so can’t even move! Here is my picture for today though: So what do you think my daughter is doing? I think she watched TV too much these last couple of weeks! Naughty mummy!

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    Satcap 14/7 – Memory lane

    Hope you all had a nice week. Mine was so and so. Today for the Satcap Day i have an older picture. It’s from last year. You already know the drill so if you have a caption for it i would love to read it: Satcap is hosted by┬áMammasaurus┬áso why not go over for some more fun.