• Baby A -18 weeks old

    There are almost 4 months since Baby A was born. Since then my beautiful daughter has grown , changed and become even more beautiful. She smiles more, she cues more and she plays more. You can really see her personality growing. I’m happy to see her thriving but at the same time I’m sad. You might ask why? Well I’m sad that the newborn stage is over. I think I will feel sad every time she will pass a stage…when she will sit up by herself, when she will crawl or walk. I’m sad because I know that I will not experience these stages again as I will not have…

  • My photos of the week

    Not sure if i already told you but on 2nd of May we are flying to Romania for holidays or maybe for even longer. We don’t know yet. It depends how much me and the girls will like it there. This is why we’ve been trying to take pictures with Anastasia but that is not always an easy thing. It was quite funny actually. Even Kara joined her…. I am sharing with you some of the pictures we took:

  • More of Ana

    As you can imagine I take a lot of pictures with my baby. Here is the one for today: I’m linking the picture with the below linkys: