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    Siblings in December

    Okay…so I know I am late but as I was really busy with my #Shoebox2014 project I didn’t really have a lot of time to snap my girls together so I preferred to wait until I have something good. But then hubby came home and then Christmas so this is how the time fly by…but we do have pictures and here they are taking part at cleaning up the house before Christmas:   They always want to help one way of another ­čÖé Sometimes is really helpful as they distract themselves and I can get on with what I really have to do. Other times…things get done in double the…

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    Chocolate face

    This year this mummy didn’t cook any easter traditional food. Daddy was not at home so..instead I left it all the mercy of my parents. They cooked all the food and I mostly baked – one carrot cake, 48 cupcakes and one box full of┬áminty bark. ┬áAnd on top I bought them lots and lots of chocolate eggs and bunnies! It was let’s the sweet apocalypse before the DIET starts again! The girls loved it though and mummy was happy for them to be happy! Even Anastasia enjoyed eating them although I had to make sure she was eating them while sitting in the high chair as otherwise her little…

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    Expressions – “Phone conversation”

    Ever since she was a baby Kara was very expressive. Her grimaces used to bring us tears of laugh in our eyes! There was no surprise when her sister proved to be as expressive as she is! So when I heard about my fellow friend and blogger Helen new photo linky Expressions I knew that is one I really need to join in with! Today I have some pictures with my youngest – Anastasia who although she is still recovering after her illness and time in hospital still manages to play and make me smile. Hope it will make you smile too:

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    Spring is in my garden

    Spring is here now. Cold days , warm days , hot days..they alternate and I never know how should i dress myself or the girls. There are days when I am scared to take the girls out because I don’t want them to catch a cold again. Last time was pretty bad so don’t want the bad times to comeback. We had some really beautiful days when daddy was here though. Days when we went out to the BIG PARK ( you will hear about it soon ) and days when we just sat in the garden and watched the bees flying around and┬á┬ápollinating┬áthe flowers. It’s what I see when…

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    #Instahuntaug – my favourites

    At some point during the month of august i joined an instagram challenge started by the lovely Cat Parrott –  #instahuntaug. It’s been lovely to take part and to check out the others pictures. Here are my favourite entries: I would love to do it again and maybe next time i will manage to tick all the boxes as per Cat’s challenge.

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    Loving the sunshine

    Since the day we arrived Kara absolutely loves the hot weather! She couldnt believe when i told her she doesn’t need to wear socks, tights or a┬ávest under her clothes! She even said – But mummy in England i had too! She spends a lot of her time in the garden and outside in general. The parks in my hometown are not great unfortunately (about this in another post maybe) but every afternoon there is a bouncy castle that goes up in the centre of the town. Kara wants to go every night and we really dont mind taking her. After we put Anastasia to bed this is our activity.…